- Crisiswear

: Fashion Evolution : Distinct for its nontraditional approach to fashion, Crisiswear blends designs that embrace the future while still drawing influence from the past. From antiqued industrial eyelets to reflective neon piping, our combination of elegance and 21st century practicality makes Crisiswear's apparel attractive to a wide variety of clientele.

- Jon Patrick Provins' Masks

"I am a self taught multimedia artist specializing in three dimensional art and custom cast plaster masks."

- Ecolibrio

Unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry handmade with eco friendly materials and lots of love!

- Silversärk Clothier

Silversärk is a Milwaukee-based clothing company specializing in Gothic, Steampunk and Lolita wear, mostly aimed toward the feminine persuasion, but with menswear pieces as well.

- Roz's Oddities

Delightfully Creepy... Yet Unrefined. Roz's Oddities is a one woman show bringing you the finest in weirdo kitsch visual arts and creepy one of a kind wearable creations. Curious Art & Handmade Accoutrements.

Dreary and Naughty (book series + plush dolls)

What do you do when you're different from other kids? Well, you can avoid them as long as they leave you alone but what if they've got it out for you? You might have to call in your folks, who, in the case of Dreary and Naughty, are two of the most frightening "people" out there.

Follow our spooky duo's (mis)adventures in "The Misadventures of Dreary and Naughty", "Friday the 13th of February", and, coming soon, "The ABC's of Being Dead".


A new twist on the classic children's books and song of "8 Little Monkeys", updated for today's fixation with the Undead! From John LaFleur and Dave Metzger who have both read their sons the classic "8 Little Monkeys" more times than they can count!

We invite you to read the book...sing the song...pick up the plush and share in the fun of a new timeless classic for the next generation!

- Wicked Whimsy Studio

Wicked Whimsy Studio is the alter ego of David Metzger. By day, an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, at night he crawls into his little hole and creates new experiments. By combining commercial cartoon styles with various dark elements, a dose of the alternative scene and sometimes hints of historical reference, he creates a deliciously dark world all the while putting a BIG smile on it.

- Do Bats Eat Cats

At Do Bats Eat Cats?, you'll find gothic chainmaille earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories for those who enjoy a darker aesthetic. After all, every day is Halloween. Just ask Ministry. All ornaments, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are handwoven -- one ring at a time! -- from bright and shiny made-in-the-USA aluminum rings.

- ~E~ is 4 Artist - The Art of Eliza C. Stockfisch

Unique masks, pocket mirror with my art work, headbands, decorated skulls, boxes and more. I incorporate elements of Goth, Steampunk, Pinup and Horror into my work.

- Asunder / Tattooed Cuties

Tattooed Cuties and Asunder specialize in Creepy Girly Baubles, Steampunk Treasures, and Sparkly Hair Accessories for Cute Chicks.

- Dreaded Jenocide

The place for lovely spooky things! Spread the dread and love the gore! Dread falls, pony falls, spooky barrettes, cool handbags, clothing & more!

- Guilty Treasures

3D and resin printed cameo jewelry of Horror/Goth/Steam Punk themes! Unique!

- Mysterious & Reassuring

Strange & Unique, Vintage & Antique - Emporium of the Eccentric & Alluring! Mourning jewelry, medical equipment, theatrical props, oddities, creepifying items year-round!

- Via Dolorosa Press , ,

Small press publisher of dark works since 1994. Specializing in poetry and short existential fiction. Our imprint, Reality Asylum Books, specializes in hardboiled/noir fiction.

- Witherfield Design Works
Screen print shirts for men and women, and even a few for toddlers, generally focused around macabre themes.

- Pajaro Negro

Day of the Dead sugar skull jewelry, accessories & more!

- q.phia

q.phia: experienced clothier & milliner.
unique, handcrafted, quality garments & accessories for the discerning customer.

- Dark Candles

Light for those who prefer Dark

- DarkStar Fusion / by Pawstar

Gothic - Industrial - Futurewear

- Spooky Grrrl Bath and Body

Making shower-time anything but boring since 2008! Spiders, bats, and black cats...that's what little goth grrrls are made of! I'm a spooky grrrl and I am a bath and body junkie, hence the name of my bath and body line. Who says spooky can't be cute?!


- Hunter Gatherer Jewelry

Hunter Gatherer's designs juxtapose dramatic and minimal forms inspired by our shared biological roots and anthropological artifacts. Each seasonal collection is handmade in limited quantities and brings timeless wearables for men and women meant to compliment a contemporary nomadic lifestyle.

- Das Krakenhaus Publishing

Das Krakenhaus is a small independent publisher founded by Joe and Rose Streif as an alternative to the pitfalls of both traditional publishing and vanity presses. Our purpose is to serve as an information gateway for freelance authors and to function as a publisher for those interested in banding together and cross-promoting each other's work under a common name.

- Madame Wiladina Boutique

"We've always sold a feeling, not a product. I've always believed in the idea that curvy women deserved to look and feel stylish and amazing. Why not?" Steel boned overbust and underbust corsets in sizes 26-40. Dresses and skirts in various sizes. Hosiery in misses and plus size. Blouses and panties(if allowed). Hair sticks, cosplay wigs, and chainmail jewelry.

- MsTea & Penny Dreads

Wigs, hair extensions, clothing, neck corsets, etc.

- Velvet Leaf Publishing

Andrew Mitchell Kudelka (Mongrel: SOB) is a published artist based in Chicago. Ed Dunphy (Mongrel: SOB, Slash, Splatter, Munden's Bar) is a horror writer currently in Wisconsin. Their gritty, Chicago-based urban horror graphic novel, Mongrel: Son of a Bitch will make its debut at Convergence 20.


- House of Idolatry (website will be up by early April)

Chicago's very own House of Idolatry offers clothes for grown up Goths. Special C20 pieces added.