Convergence 20 Chicago; April 25-27, 2014


Azrael's Accomplice (Dallas/Ft. Worth)
Azrael’s Accomplice Designs started as a small home based custom Gothic, Steampunk, Fantasy clothing company in 1996. It was founded and is still run by Tracy Robertson, known also in the underground fashion/subculture community simply as her nickname, Batty. A creative and skilled designer, she has had college training in both costume and fashion design and has studied the art of corsetry and historical fashion since the age of 12.

Azrael's Accomplice has been involved in many past Convergences and will be showing some truly over the top super Gothic styles to reflect the amazingness that is 20 years of C*


Calla Corsets (NYC)
Michele Gonzalez states, "Calla Corsets is my little dream. My alternative fashion creations are custom made. Creations include: male & female cinches, corsets,skirts, tops, jackets, flaps and kilts. My mantra explains my concept completely: EXPRESS, DEFINE, BECOME - CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING FOR THE INDIVIDUAL."


Devoid & Deveil (Chicago)

Devoid and Deveil has emerged onto the fashion scene with high demand, an ever growing list of admirers and appearances in over 11 magazines including Dark Beauty Magazine, KILTER magazine, and Vogue Italia! Devoid and Deveil has proven himself a dark and dramatic designer basing his inspirations and collections off of personal life experiences to create Dark Couture Designs.

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, Devoid and Deveil recreates classic designs and inspirations into timeless creations. Both high-end fabrics and unconventional materials create one of a kind pieces, and brings fantasy to life. Devoid and Deveil exposes the beauty of the dark and dangerous side of fashion


Industrial Kitty (Chicago)

Emma Bottar's Ick by Industrial Kitty line presents Japanese street fashion inspired with an element of the cute and fanciful- designs to elevate the wearer to a new plane of existence in serene whimsy! Expect fancifully quaint fashions for those looking to drift through a metamorphosis of dreamy elegance.


Kinki Kitty (Detroit)

Kinki Kitty was founded in 2008 by Helena Stenberg and has been growing steadily ever since. Featured are hyper feminine, ruffled & fluffy detailed ensembles with structured bodices and flowing, full skirts. Most of this designer's work would be easily classified as steampunk, Victoriana, or Lolita, though she does not work specifically in any one genre.


Morrigan New York + Moss Märchen (NYC)

Morrigan New York is a small design studio located in Brooklyn, New York. They produce bespoke-quality clothing in small quantities, working exclusively with skilled tradespeople in high quality construction workshops. Their products are 100% sweatshop free, and predominately manufactured in New York City's famous garment district.

Lead designer Zoh Rothberg takes inspiration from antique tailoring techniques, the subtle combination of natural fabrics and modern materials, and themes of nineteenth century literature, Indo-European mythology, and the occult.

Moss Märchen, by Martha Pevensie, presents handmade accessories for dark princesses and fairy tale witches.


Silversärk (Milwaukee)

Stephanie Schultz is the designer, seamstress, stylist and sometimes model & photographer behind Silversärk. The label began in 2005 as an Elegant Gothic & Lolita brand and has developed its own style over the years, branching out to include Steampunk, as well as returning to the designer's Gothic roots.

The distinctive, one-of-a-kind, high-quality statement pieces reflect the beauty and coquettish flair of period costume with a modern twist. Her spring collection "Sanctuary" is inspired by the cathedrals, churches and castles she saw during her travels abroad & will be using high-resolution images of photos of these places printed onto silk, cotton sateen, and chintz.