Convergence 20 Chicago; April 25-27, 2014


This is a Free Event - Open to the Public
Saturday - April 26 & Sunday - April 27, 2014 • 1PM-6PM
Congress Hotel - Alcove Room
520 S. Michigan Ave.

Alan Rehbein
Alan Rehbein is an artist and sculptor specializing in fantasy, horror, and cheescake.

Alexander Dean
Alexander Dean is an artist who wants to get out of his shell.

Amy Porter
She thrives on experimenting with different mediums, texture, techniques and styles. "the art world is too vast to limit one's self."

Bobby Talamine
Bobby Talamine is one of the premiere Rock n' Roll photographers in the country.

Dana Day
Dreamy, ghost-like images created using a Hershey Cocoa Box Pinhole Camera

David Metzger
By day, an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, at night he crawls into his little hole and creates new experiments.

Dayo Steph
Dayo is a ceramic artist who creates colorful, functional stoneware.

Eliza Stockfisch
Eliza Stockfisch or ~E~ is a freelance artist with my hand in a bit of everything. Specialize in watercolor and digital art.

Emily Gualdoni
Whether chic, playful or edgy, Emily Gualdoni’s photographs never cease to surprise and engage.

Faith Betinis
Chicago artist and graduate of the American Academy of Art, her work is influenced by metal and industrial music.

Hogan McLaughlin
Beautiful drawings that have a little Edward Gorey, and little Aubrey Beardsley but still holds its own originality.

Jennifer Anne Buckley
Though majoring in drawing and painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a love also grew for dark landscape photography.

Jim Sorfleet / SnS Photos
[His work] represents a view of life in which while disturbing to some, is meant to be both a reflection of the human condition and a portrayal of the shadowy recesses of our minds.

Jody Krevens
Edgy and avant-garde fashion.

Kazi Kami
Cutley creative drawings

Kennedy Shenberg
Cyber punk, a blending of technology and nature.