Convergence 20 Chicago; April 25-27, 2014


As with the band submissions, we had a ton of entries from DJs wanting to spin at C20. Choosing a small number out of such a wealth of talent is never easy, and we thank each & every one who was interested in the event. Here is our official line-up!

(Convergence 20 DJs: -Who They Are -Where You Can Find Them On the Internet - Where They Spin/Where They Spun - What They'll Be Spinning at C20)

- DJ Fross (London, UK)

Events: Semi-official(!?!) Convergence DJ...forced out of retirement once again! :) Convergences V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XII and XX

Genres: The "golden age" of ebm/industrial and mixed/mashed-up screaming into whatever works.

- voodoo (Seattle/Hollywood/San Francisco)

Events: Club Iguana; Diskotek Nekromantika; House of Voodoo; Convergences X, XII, XIV, XV, XVI, XIX

Genres: Gothic rock, classic industrial, deathrock, darkwave and eighties, with a twist of glam thrown in for flava.

- DJ :Garz: (Milwaukee)

Events: Sabbatic; Club Anything; Sanctuary (Milwaukee); Neo (Chicago); C19; DarkFlower (WGT)

Genres: All dark styles, focus on EBM & Synthpop with a little 90's German goth rock for good measure.

- DJ Mike Textbeak (Cleveland)

Events: Various nationwide; Hellfire monthly in Cleveland.

Curator of TXTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio

Genres: Classic Goth, Classic Industrial, Grave Wave, Witch House

- DJ Wednesday (Portland, OR)

Events: Brickbat Mansion; CXIII; formerly Bar Sinister, Violaine; Generation Death radio

Genres: Shoegaze Goth Darkwave Post-punk Dreampop Ethereal

- DJ Arcanus (Boston)

Events: The Attic, Boston; WGT (Leipzig); CII, CVI; Xiled Radio

Genres: Industrial, EBM, Powernoise, IDM

- DJ Skeletal (St. Louis)

Events: Rapture; Conspiracy; St. Louis Gothic webmaster

Genres: Industrial, Dark Electro, Goth, Dark Wave - all eras.

- DJ SailorGloom (Washington, DC)

Events: Midnight; C12; Stuttgart-Schwartz; Galaxy (Honolulu); Agents of Empire DJs

Genres: Darkwave, Synthpop, EBM

- DJ Dave Bats (Long Beach, CA) Events: Release the Bats, New Church, Helter Skelter

Genres: Classic Gothic, Deathrock, and Dark Alternative

- DJ Peroxide (Chicago)

Events: Bittersweet; Shimmer; Machina

Genres: New and Classic Goth, Darkwave, Post-Punk & Dark Alternative

- DJ DirtNap (Chicago)

Events: Seizure; Back to the Grave; Blacklist; Unbound (Chicago)

Genres: Goth, deathrock, punk, industrial, minimal synth and whatever else sounds good and dark.

- DJ Schadenfreude (New Orleans)

Events: Shadow Gallery

Genres: Trad goth, mashups, swirl, New Romantic, death rock, non-techno industrial.

- DJ Toast (Chicago)

Events: Various current & past residencies at Vision, 950, neo, Darkroom, etc.

Genres: 80's New Wave, punk, post-punk and maybe a little psychobilly and deathrock.

- DJ Meowsoleum (Leo Alme, formerly DJ Cadaverine; Chicago)

Events: Unbound; Back to the Grave; Blacklist.

Genres: Gothic Rock, Post-punk, Deathrock, Darkwave

- DJ Wormwood Star (Austin, TX)

Events: Funeral Parade; CXIX

Genres: Deathrock, old and new, post-punk, dark punk, and occasional nostalgic favorites.

- DJ CarrieMonster (Chicago)

Events: formerly Hex; Post Mortem; Swing from Your Rosary (Chicago)

Genres: "Goth, duh. Probably more punky goth stuff."

- The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith; Chicago)

Events: Many Convergences; Nocturna; The Lonely Tarts Club; Back to the Grave; Shimmer; Machina; When We Were Young; WGW; etc, etc. etc……..worldwide.

Genres: New dark alternative