Convergence 20 Chicago; April 25-27, 2014

II. Committee

Scary Lady SarahScary Lady Sarah (co-chairperson / Entertainment / Vendors)
A life-long Chicagoan (with a 7-year stretch of splitting time between Chicago & Berlin,) she has been a professional working club DJ since 1988. Her monthly club night Nocturna is now in its 25th year & going strong. She has been a featured DJ at some of the most prestigious Goth events in the world, including: Convergences I, V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XII, & XIX (and also attended Convergence IV); the "C7 Rescue" Saturday night event in NYC; regularly at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany; frequently for the UK's Whitby Gothic Weekend; and all across clubs in North America and Europe. Scary Lady Sarah was on the original committee for C1 and was co-chair for C10.

Aside from being a DJ, Scary Lady Sarah has presented hundreds of live bands in Chicago, under her American Gothic Productions banner, along with scores of other club nights & parties. Her love of music & the goth scene entered a new realm when her sweetheart, William Faith, taught her to play guitar and they formed the band The Bellwether Syndicate in 2012 (The Bellwether Syndicate performed at C19.) Scary Lady Sarah was an alt.gothic regular from 1997 onwards and is all over many online networks. Her "secret daytime identity" for the past 21 years is as partner in the Chicago floatation tank center, SpaceTime Tanks.

William FaithWilliam Faith (co-chairperson / Entertainment)
William Faith is an artist with a career spanning 25 years. Currently fronting Chicago's dark alternative darlings The Bellwether Syndicate (who performed at CXIX), with partner "Scary Lady" Sarah Rose, he is known primarily in goth circles for his work in Faith and the Muse (who performed at Convergence IV and XIII), with his history as a member of seminal bands such as Christian Death, Shadow Project, Mephisto Walz and Sex Gang Children providing ample goth cred.

William was also the visionary behind 1994's Procession tour, billed as the "World Goth Festival," bringing together four bands from four countries (Rosetta Stone [UK], Das Ich [Germany], Faith and the Muse [USA] and Corpus Delicti [France]) for their first U.S. tours -- an unprecedented event in its' time; the Apparition tour followed in 1996, succeeded by the Blackout A.D. tour in 1999, both tours also bringing festival bills of diverse bands across the U.S.

In recent years, William has also added "DJ" to his skill set, with his vast knowledge of many and varied genres of music bringing a unique flavor to his sets. Having spun sets at CXIII, William has been invited to DJ at venues all over the world. in 2011, William and Scary Lady Sarah teamed up to form the DJ duo The Pirate Twins, a celebrated and well-traveled entity that have packed dance floors in many countries (including recently at CXIX).

The Evil ChemistThe Evil Chemist (aka JV) (Hotel / Travel / Transportation)
JV, aka, "The Evil Chemist" (or Stevil Chemsit in some circles), is a chemist by trade & life long Chicagoan. He hung out on alt.gothic during his college years in the 90’s. JV has attended 11 Convergences over the years and co-chaired (with Scary Lady Sarah) Convergence 10. Nowadays, you can bump into him at Nocturna and annually at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen.

As an avid traveler, JV has wandered the globe across ~40 countries, ~150 cities and places in between, by plane, train, automobile, bus, boat and bicycle. He brings to the table his vast experience with travel and accommodations.

CarrieMonsterCarrieMonster (Fashion Show)
CarrieMonster is a native Chicagoan and has been in the scene longer than some of you have been alive. She has worked on more Convergence committees than anyone ever should, and has been known to say "I'm never doing this again." No one believes her anyway. It's like a sickness! She is a former DJ/promoter and is the proud owner of two rockin' hair salons, Charm Boutique Salon (where ALL of the products are cruelty free and mostly vegan.) She has a wicked keen fashion sense and love for shoes. She is the epitome of punk rock party girl with a twist of gothabilly. You probably already know and love her.

Jennifer Anne BuckleyJennifer Anne Buckley (Website / Art Show)
Jennifer Anne Buckley is a fine artist and web developer concentrating in the darker aesthetic. She has been involved in the Goth/Industrial scene in Chicago for over a decade. She is the creator and on the board of the nonprofit - Gothic Art Chicago: an organization for the fine arts and music of the Chicago Dark Art, Gothic & Industrial community, curates gallery shows around the city, and she also runs the event website She founded, created & was editor of the highly regarded print magazine Kilter, which focused on culture, events, artists and bands and was published from 2008 until 2011. The magazine may have a relaunch at some point in the not too distant future. Jennifer attended C10 in Chicago.

Moses ("Creepy") McFeelyMoses ("Creepy") McFeely (Art Show)
A born and bred Chicagoan who fully embraced the Goth-Industrial community in 1993, Moses is a former freelance illustrator who attended C1, C10 in Chicago & C12 in New Orleans. Having become a veteran amongst the dance floors citywide, Moses was recruited by both American Gothic Productions and GothicArt Chicago for help with coordinating events & he also became a writer for Kilter Magazine. He was also a third of the trio that established Seizure, a past local goth night. He created the lovely artwork used to promote several years of the American Gothic Productions past Saturnalia festivals. Moses spends his free time hunting oddities, artwork, and exploring his city's dark history.

(Additional coordinators will be announced soon.)