Convergence 20 Chicago; April 25-27, 2014

Welcome to Convergence Twenty Chicago!
April 25-27, 2014

We are extremely honored, dark denizens of the Internet, that our city has again been chosen to continue the fine once-a-decade tradition of being your hosts for a weekend you'll never forget! Sincere thanks to all who voted for Convergence Twenty Chicago.

Our core committee consists of a group of people with many facets of prior Convergence experience, from chairpersons to artists to DJs to event coordinators to performers to patrons and more. We all agree that the focus of a C20 Chicago should be primarily on organizing & delivering a gathering where friends from far & near will be able to spend time together, enjoying events based in the goth community. The activities we are coordinating include some Convergence customs and of course, as music is the tie that binds, we promise to bring you a fantastic bill of live performances & DJs.

Convergence kicked off in Chicago in 1995 and C1 set the tone for what has become the longest running event of its kind in North America. Bringing Convergence back to Chicago for C10 ('04) was such a treat! We still have a hard time grasping that nearly ten years have passed since then, which makes us all the more eager to bring the party back for C20! We expect & hope that such an auspicious anniversary will attract past C* attendees who may have had to forego more frequent "goth outings" due to the demands of work, children, etc; and not only the "old guard" but also the enthusiastic newer generation who do indeed keep goth going & give us "hope for a dark future." The current state of goth is definitely smaller than it once was, but the venues & events we are presenting are suited well towards a modestly-sized attendance.

Tradition and experience are not the only reasons we believe Chicago to be the perfect choice for Convergence 20, either. Chicago is a world class city, centrally located in the US and therefore a major transportation hub. We are truly a very large (third in the US) metropolis while still retaining a more relaxed & "Midwest" vibe. Our populace is generally considered approachable & down to earth. The city is late night friendly & used to "alternative" people; boasts amazing & varied architecture & history; is a treasure trove of restaurants & shopping; full of parks, museums, art galleries; is made up of wonderful neighborhoods; inexpensive public transportation; miles & miles of bike lanes; and has miles of beachfront along Lake Michigan.

We have chosen the last weekend of April, 2014 for the C20 Chicago dates because the weather is generally "goth friendly" (temperatures average from 60F in the day to 45F over night; great for a light jacket, perhaps something in black velvet?) ;) This is also before the tourist season begins which means more affordable travel & hotel costs as well as less congestion.

Again, we thank you for your support, as well as your friendship and presence! We're all in this together- and we can't wait to have a great time bringing you a great time!