In 2015 we invite you to come along for the ride to the City of Lost Angels for a weekend of debauchery that could only happen in Hollywood.

Tinsel town to some, Babylon to others, no other place in America is so defined by glitz, glamour and sweet wicked excess. Pop culture is Hollywood’s primary export, but daring artists have always toiled on the fringes to make more ambitious provocative work.  Between classic film noir, horror and suspense masterpieces, to the blockbusters of today Hollywood has it all. From the Sunset Strip rock `n` roll, to the new waves of punk, goth and deathrock. You only have to choose the soundtrack for your Hollyweird dreams and nightmares.

Hollywood isn’t a place so much as a vortex of desire. A place of both shadow and substance. For every star on the Walk of Fame there are a thousand broken hearts and even more delusions of fame shattered. Once the cameras stop flashing and the crowds no longer cheer, the suffocating silence almost strangles.  Veiled in wait is the wicked passion of Hollywood.

The lure of opulence and stardom with the coveted mysterious mansion just off the famous Mulholland Drive could for some satiate their fascination.  But not you. You aren’t like most people, and you certainly aren’t easily satisfied.  You hear the dark lure vibrating from the womb of Hollywood. You are drawn through the dark turns and the noise of this wicked little town, to the fading light to where the dead stars still burn. You are compelled to carry out nefarious acts by the siren song of this lustrous deceptive playground that is unlocked with the key of your imagination.  

Join us on these boulevards of broken dreams as we celebrate the heart of darkness that lies behind the curtain. For one brief weekend in May we will share an all encompassing drive to party like the rock stars that we are.

'Do you wanna party

It's party time

We gotta party

It's party time'