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45 Grave:

(Los Angeles) Your favorite Heavy-Metal-Psychedelic-Post-Punk- What-the-Fuck-Ghoul-Rockers. During 1979-1990 in Los Angeles, 45 GRAVE was born in the chaos of the Punk movement and churned out their own brand of Ghoul Rock. In the beginning, the original lineup consisted of Dinah Cancer-Vocals, Paul Cutler-guitar, Rob Graves-bass, and Don Bolles-drums. The 45 GRAVE song "Partytime (Zombie Version)" made it onto the movie sound track for “RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD”. “Partytime” made full rotation on MTV (1984) and the song, "Evil", debut on MTV's The Cutting Edge in 1985. Appearing on many a teenagers’ wall or locker, Dinah was slated as 'The Queen of Punk and Deathrock' by many fan rags, and became the ultimate horror punk pinup girl. Touring the U.S., they grew upwith and shared the stage with artists like The Ramones, Specimen, The Damned, The Misfits, The Cramps, and Black Flag. 45 Grave are cited in several rock music biographies to being a huge influence on many of the bands that surfaced from the L.A. scene, including Motley Crue, Guns and Roses, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. Their hit song “Partytime” is still licensed for tv and radio ads today. The band’s momentum took a hit in 1991, when bassist Rob Graves passed away from an accidental overdose. The other members went their separate ways, pursuing their own musical projects (Dinah with Penis Flytrap and Dinah Cancer and The Graverobbers, Paul with Dream Syndicate, and Don with Celebrity Skin, respectively). 45 GRAVE is back as Dinah Cancer's 45 GRAVE. Dinah Cancer's 45 GRAVE is a collection of Punk, Metal, and Death, the original songs of 45 GRAVE with a new lineup. With songs like “Partytime”, “Bad Love”, “Evil”, “Concerned Citizen” and more, this will be the closest to 45 GRAVE that fans will see in their lifetime.

The Bellwether Syndicate:

(Chicago) “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. – George Orwell A group of Chicago-based operatives of the sonic avant-garde, intent on speaking truth to power with a sharp tongue. Fronted by veteran artist William Faith (of Faith and the Muse) and Sarah Rose (aka DJ Scary Lady Sarah), The Bellwether Syndicate are, as illustrated by their debut, coloring outside of prescribed genre lines, choosing here to push the boundaries of style and substance into something relevant and vital. While the music is written and recorded by William and Sarah, the live show features collaborators Philly Peroxide (keyboards/percussion) and Paul Sin (bass). The Bellwether Syndicate present a powerful and commanding live performance, where the sound and substance of the recorded work truly comes to life; where the art is made whole by the audience — and this is a band that knows how to connect with its audience: not a typical fan base, but an engaged and invested network of family and familiars spanning the globe.

Kill Sister Kill:

(San Jose) Formed in August 1992, KillSisterKill was the union of five outspoken San Francisco Bay Area musicians. Painting the town black with dark alternative rock, Troy A. (voices), Ryan Rosprim (guitars), Frankie Mags (keyboards), Bobby O'boyle (bass), and George Krueger (drums), KillSisterKill became highly sought afterlive act. Sharing the stage often with fellow San Francisco Bay Area bandsSwitchblade Symphony, Malign, and Bleeding Stone, as well as major acts Shadow Project, Faith and the Muse, and Christian Death. Gaining notoriety through an elaborate and explosive live show, KSK quickly became one of the preeminent units on the 90's California Gothic scene. Recently resurrected the band has reformed with all original members and returned to the stage for the Roderick’s Chamber reunion last December in San Francisco. Currently the band is rehearsing and working on new material.

Fangs on Fur

(Los Angeles) FANGS on FUR burst into existence in April of 2006 and subsequently released a 4 song EP which sparked international interest. Embraced by the local LA Deathrock and dark punk scene, Fangs on Fur continues to blaze a path of pure intention. Marked by spaghetti western / spy guitar sound coupled with rock heavy tribal rhythms that are topped by F-Girls Angst fueled vocals, Fangs on Fur creates a new sonic world, all their own. While tipping their hat to post punk era bands, Fangs on Fur maintains their own personal identity and challenges audiencesjoin the bands push forward into the savage future of music. The long awaited debut CD

Readership Hostile:

(Los Angeles) As 2012 drew to its wintery close, Readership Hostile gathered in Los Angeles. Prior bandmates Adrienne Pearson (vocals, formerly of Radio Vago and Shoot Out The Lights) and Benn Ra (guitar, ex-Hatesex/Frank the Baptist) recruited British bassist Paul Rogers (Jonneine Zapata/Arithmetic of War) to explore their darkly ornate yet visceral vision. “There is an organic energy that you feel before you see - kind of like an earthquake. Everything is in motion before you know what's happening,” said Pearson. “Readership performs from the soul, [with] raw energy that can either frighten the weak at heart or haunt their minds forever.” Swiftly evolving into a cathartic collision of deathrock, goth, early punk and contemporary psych, Readership Hostile unleashed a string of startling performances across its native Los Angeles, driven by its effervescent, force-of-nature frontwoman. “The first thing I tell people is ‘Behold the spectacle that is ... Adrienne Pearson’!" said Ra.“She is a true rock ‘n’ roll performer in every sense of the word. I have a hard time not watching what she is doing while we are on stage.” Songwriting all the while, Readership soon had more than enough material for their debut release. “I wake up early every morning and do stream-of-consciousness writing in my journal. I writelyrics the same way,” Pearson explained. “I never know what a song is going to be about until the music informs me. A note or sound can trigger a phrase in my head - it's all abstract from there.”A 6-song, self-titled EP, recorded and co-produced by Mephisto Walz mainman (and former Christian Death guitarist) Bari Bari, was completed within months of the band’s forming for release at the turn of 2014.“The recording process was simple,” Pearson deadpanned. “The result is beautifully brutal.”

Strap On Halo

(Seattle) Strap On Halo are a gothic rock trio residing in Seattle, Washington (originally formed in Omaha, NE) whose blend of American deathrock and ‘traditional goth’ is driven by howling, swirling guitars (Seán Rial), gloom-laden bass (Marc Rhön Jones) and wailing female vocals (Layla Reyna). Although often compared to the likes of Faith and the Muse, Mephisto Walz, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Switchblade Symphony and Christ vs. Warhol, rather than citing a list of other bands, Strap On Halo themselves refer instead to influences ranging from Halloween and classic horror movie imagery to current events, insisting that their influences “are really all around us”. The band see no need for cataloguing their musical inspirations when others can easily connect those dots, pointing out that their influences are “visual, auditory and emotional”.

Peeling Grey

(Los Angeles) Peeling Grey is Los Angeles based, formed in 2008. Demos of their early songs circulated in 2009 and 2010 in the USA and Europe. 2011 saw the release of their debut album "The World's Not Sorry", hailed by famous writer Mick Mercer as "a slinky Post-Punk joy". Live shows sprung up across California catering to the Indie, Post-Punk, and Goth Rock scenes. Their first music video "James Quarterly" and single, "Broken Glass" were released in 2012. Their second video and accompanying single, "Rumors" (noted for being a departure, both musically and visually) debuted in December of 2013. Since then the group in 2014 has gone on to play the Convergence 20 festival in Chicago and WGT's Cure Party in Leipzig, Germany. Their sophomore full-length release "Our Sky's Falling" wil larrive mid-2015. Peeling Grey has their sights set on further developing their sound that is routed in Post Punk. Despite their routes and influences that span many facets of that era, the group looks towards the future of music while keeping the original spirit intact.




(San Francisco) Kat staZrted her Gothdom fending off churchburners and fishmongers in Oslo, Norway in the early '90s. As an active force in the local scene she co-arranged clubs, arranged concerts, played in bands and DJed both in Oslo and other cities throughout Norway, As a bass player and co-songwriter in all girl goth metal band Cybele the crowning moment was playing at WGT in Leipzig, then with Magicka she and co-ex Cybele singer Lene went on to more gothtronic sounds, and she played bass on tour with Magenta. In the US Kat’s been DJing at House of Voodoo and other clubs and concerts in San Francisco for the last decade, most recently occasional spots with Dancing Ghosts. Her Spotify tells her she’s been listening to a lot of shoegaze and gravewave the last year. She doesn’t know what the latter means, but it sounds about right.


(Seattle) Known more as a musician with multiple personalities, DJ [Daemon] started his DJ "career" for a small Las Vegas goth/industrial night Theatre Macabre in 2003 during his short residency in the desert (during which he had also attended Convergence IX). Upon returning to Southern California he floated around numerous promotions such as Gothic Beach Studio and Klub Terminal as well as guest spots in well known entities such as Das Bunker's Noise Room. He had also been known on the virtual front in the Second Life "scene" as well as on internet radio stations Digital Mindfield Radio, Radio Black Light, and Dark Mother Radio. In 2011, he moved to Seattle after a dramatic life-changing event. After a few guest appearances at the infamous Mercury at Machinewerks, he became DJ and co-host of Dark Industry Night in January 2012, taking over the promotion under the name Power Noise Movement Northwest later that August when Bianca Malise moved to San Diego. During the Summer of 2013 he finished as a semifinalist in the Rotation DJ competition, using industrial, EBM and harsh electro against some of Seattle's best EDM and Techno DJs. After two years at the helm Dark Industry Night was retired in April 2014 and the next month birthed Rezonance, which centered around rhythmic/power noise, harsh industrial and other forms of distorted beat music he loved as a patron of Das Bunker's Noise Room. He also promotes numerous release parties in Seattle for DWA, Negative Gain, and other labels through his own promotions and others. When not a DJ, Daemon Chadeau also plays bass and backing vocals for rock band Prelude To A Pistol, and is the main producer/composer for electronic noise act Pixelpussy, where he also assumes the role of the main character Sir Kitty Meow-Meow. In the past he also wrote for Hollywood music rag Rock City News covering the goth/industrial/dark alternative scenes.


(Los Angeles) Däch got his start in DJing when a local college radio station put out a call for people who wanted to host radio shows. He applied with the hope of inflicting his collection of goth music CDs (all 14 of them) on an unsuspecting public. Thus, the longest running goth radio show of all time, "Closed Caskets for the Living Impaired" was born. From there, Däch expanded his repertoire into the local scene, spinning at local clubs and special events all over California. Notable gigs include guest stints at Ghoul School, Vampiricus, Eternal, Xile, Tokyo Dark Castle (San Francisco) and a 4-hour set at Therapy. Due to the early radio influence, Däch tends to spin an eclectic mix of music, using club standards as a springboard for exposing dancers to new songs they may not be familiar with, but keeps the beat constant so the floor stays packed. Expect to hear a wide variety of music, with goth, darkwave, industrial, EBM and deathrock all blended seamlessly into danceable sets unlike any other.


(San Diego)) Born and raised in San Diego, CA... I started out in the Goth scene here in San Diego in 1986 as a photographer for the club SOMA. On a fluke one night when a DJ was ill, I was asked to stand in and DJ (I was 17 years old at the time) because of my music knowledge and taste. I did and I was hooked! In the early 90's I co-hosted a cable Goth radio show in Los Angeles called Shadowgate. In 2001 I produced and released a Goth/Industrial compilation CD called Tracks ofEvolution that featured 10 bands from Southern California. I then hosted a weekend Goth/Industrial/Powernoise Music Festival in San Diego that featured 10 bands and 10 DJ's (I was the emcee and also DJ'd for the event). Also, in 2001 I ran a club night in San Diego called Sunday Skool at Club Xanth, which was old school Goth music from the 80's. My influences are Goth and Gothic Rock from the 80's and early 90's, Industrial stemming back to the early 80's and Darkwave electronica. My current project is Resident DJ on Death Rock Radio where I spin Goth and Gothic Rock music from the 80's and early 90's My show is 3 - 3.5 hours long and airs at midnight EST Saturday night every 2nd and 4th Saturday and runs all day Saturday on rotation and is then archived on MixCloud and available on the station's site for download.

Dave Bats

(Los Angeles CA)Goth / Post Punk / Deathrock / Wave Creator of the infamous night club RELEASE THE BATS, co-creator of New Church in Glendale CA., and resident DJ at Helter Skelter Hollywood. For over twenty years Dave Bats has spun a sonic web of aural darkness on dance floors across the globe! From Los Angeles to Berlin Germany and more, Dave has had the pleasure of DJing at some of the most remarkable events and Goth parties in history! “And there’s so much more to come!”


(Los Angeles) DEATH ROCK / POST PUNK/ GOTH/ INDUSTRIAL / NOIZE / WAVE DJ Dingbat (Shane) has been spinning the darker corners of the southern California underground since 1988,his first residency, was at Jett's in Long Beach, California. In The early 2000's was the editor of a 'zine known as The Anorexic Press that covered the Local California Deathrock Scene, and also was the host of the Hollywood pirate radio shows known as Anorexic Press Radio, as well as the 'In Case Yer F'n Deaf Radio Show', both shows played an array of everything from Punk, Death Rock, Local bands, Goth, Experimental and Electronics. Runs and operates the electronic label known as Mechanismz, and opened a nightclub under the same name to showcase the talents of local electronic musicians. Today, along with being the co-founder of such clubs as New Church in Glendale, Ghoul School and Horror Epics in Hollywood, DJ Dingbat is knee deep in the current Los Angeles scene and enjoys his current residencies at Release The Bats, Disko.Nekro, Helter Skelter, New Church and u


(Austin) resident Dj at Austin Texas’ Elysium Nightclub. I like to spin retro, oldschool EBM, synthpop, industrial, goth, terrorbanana, and futuremelon but I do not like to be pigeonholed. If it’s good I will make it work. This is my 18th year as a Dj and have had a permanent residency for 16 of those years. I went all digital with my personal setup about a year ago and use Traktor, Ableton Live, and Virtual Dj in combination with Pioneer CD players and Korg pads for midi control. I am half of Austin’s Team Ramrod with Void and half of the Ego Twins with Joe Virus as well. I was one of the resident Djs for the legendary Atomic Cafe and the bulk of my learning was handed down to me from Billboard Dj Randall Goodwin of Scottsdale Arizona.

Franck H-Bomb

(Los Angeles) Franck HBomb’s lifelong love of music began in Lille, France. At age 16, he got his first gig DJing underground new wave for a radio show called The Left Ear of the Lizard. To further hone his DJ skills, HBomb joined the party circuit and DJed all over France. During this time, he scoured the music stores and the air waves for new artists and new music. Eventually HBomb found his way into the European Industrial scene through his love of bands such as Front 242, Laibach, and Einsturzende Neubauten. HBomb immigrated to America in the early 80’s, bringing with him his passion for Industrial music. His first foray into the Industrial scene in Los Angeles was Kontrol Faktory in the early 90’s. During these early years in the LA Industrial scene, an idea for a new club began percolating and in 1996 Das Bunker was born. Part of HBomb’s vision for Das Bunker was to introduce a mostly unheard of genre into the LA Industrial scene: Noize. This genre attracted many followers and allowed it to grow into a staple of Industrial clubs. After 7 successful years, Das Bunker moved to the Catch One in Los Angeles and became a weekly, Friday night club with 3 dance floors catering to EBM, Noize and Retro styles as well as bringing countless live shows, showcasing both popular, established bands and new, upcoming artists. January 2014, 17 years after it first opened its dance floors, Das Bunker morphed again and closed its doors as a weekly club to become an event based club presenting VNV Nation, Suicide Commando and throwing the 3rd Annual Star Wars party, with many more events to come.


(Houston) Born and raised in Louisiana, DJ Hex got his start DJing and running events while completing his studies in Houston, TX. He began with the Houston based New Death goth and deathrock night which began its run in the summer of 2010 at Dean’s on Main St and continued for several years. During his run working on New Death, DJ Hex also spun the 2012 Southern Gothic Festival at the Howlin’ Wolf Den in New Orleans, LA in addition to spinning at the Dark Entries goth and deathrock dance night in San Antonio, TX run by well known Texas DJ and Promoter, Veronyka Thirteen. In early 2013, DJ Hex started up the now locally known Dark Shadows goth and deathrock dance night at the Howlin’ Wolf Den which then relocated to the famed Dragon’s Den venue in New Orleans (now defunct due to issues with venue). He also held the Night Whispers goth and deathrock dance night at the Squeaky Lizard venue in Ocean Springs, MS in addition to starting up the Strangelove dark 80’s dance night which also occurred at the Squeaky Lizard. Side activities to be noted: DJ Hex also started the now defunct Static Magazine U.S. which helped found the famed German branch known as Static Magazin in Germany run by DJ Tigerlilly which he proudly states has taken on a life of its own thanks to the efforts of Tigerlilly and her husband Enrico Koster. DJ Hex also helped found the Age of Decay goth/deathrock festival in Florida with promoter and booker Alethea Carr in 2012 though he had to take his leave and part ways with the festival due to work and personal reasons.

Michael Stewart

(Los Angeles) Affectionately called the Goth-father, He has been a fixture in the La Gothic/ Industrial/alternative scene. since 1983. Michael has created and DJed some of LA's Biggest clubs, Scream (LA, NYC & Houston), Helter Skelter, Perversion, Stigmata, Resurrection, Clockwork Orange, DDT, Obituary to name a few. His love for music led him to be owner of the world famous record store VINYL FETISH from 1987-2004. He has and continues to spin his musical web at Clubs, concerts and special events.


(San Francisco) DJ Necromos is from the San Francisco and San Jose goth/death rock scene and has been spinning since 2009. DJ Necromos is a DJ and a Promoter/Producer. He organizes a weekly Thursday party in San Jose called Apparition. Apparition has theme nights, performance artists, bands and lots of traditional new and old Goth & Death Rock. It is currently held at Lidos nightclub with DJ Crow1369, DJ Ash (not the NYC DJ Ash) and, of course, DJ Necromos. DJ Necromos also spins weekly for the Batcave in San Francisco (not to be confused with the defunct NYC parties, Batcave and Albion/Batcave).DJ Necromos has also guest DJed at many events and clubs like The System, Descension, Solace, Surgery Under Necrosis, Wumpskate, Chronos, The Box, Resurrection, Reverse Polarity, Ignore the machine, and at events outside of CA

ian Nothing

(Chicago) ian Nothing: Butcher by day Slacker by trade, a connoisseur of frosty beverages. From NYC to the Windy City, the Bank to the Nomenclature, even Las Vegas at Midnight, a trail of spilt cocktails, cigarette butts and broken hearts, even a full moon or two were left in his wake. Purveyor of fine Punk, Goth, Industrial and Metal your ears will bleed as you twirl with delight on the dance floor or bathroom floor. Find him at the bar with a leer or a snarl he's dusting off the decks for one final spin. No Whamys!No Whamys! No Whamys! Stop!...

The Pirate Twins

(Chicago) The Pirate Twins are the DJ team of Scary Lady Sarah and William Faith. Scary Lady Sarah is best known for her event NOCTURNA, an 18+ dark alternative dance night held once a month in Chicago, now in its 26th year. She has also DJ'd all over North America and Europe, being a staple of Whitby Gothic Weekend in the UK, Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany and many others as well. William Faith, perhaps best known as half of the seminal dark alternative group Faith And The Muse, has spun all over the U.S., Europe and South America, bringing an eclectic blend of genres together into a mix that is both unique and exciting.The Pirate Twins spin a wide variety of music, including, but not limited to: current & classic goth, industrial, punk, glam, deathrock, post-punk, ethereal, ambient, shoegaze, new wave, ebm, darkwave, dark indie & more.


(San Francisco) Purgatory started his quest for Hearing Loss and a Pay Me in Booze Lifestyle by complete accident when a fellow DJ was stuck in London and a friend needed a break. What followed was an addiction to the Swirl, Stomp, and Circumstance intertwined deeply in the San Francisco Scene. Adding to the scene, Purgatory not only DJ’d at local parties, but also conventions, as well as guest spots at any club he could until he finally turned Promoter. Running his own La Luna Rouge and Co-Promoting House of Voodoo with DJ Voodoo, Purgatory became a very versatile DJ that could play to any crowd.


(Washington DC) DJ SailorGloom has spun in many ports across this realm from the beaches of Waikiki, Hawai'i to the sinister electronic dance halls of Stuttgart, Germany. He made his DJ club debut 2004 in San Diego for promoter and DJ Bryan Pollard at Darkwave Garden, Underworld, and Therapy (the longest running Industrial/Fetish dance club in Southern California) earning residency in all three clubs. In Hawai’i, he met up with DJ MERC! (HELLRAVER Productions/TERRORFAKT) and DJ I/O Control (Agents of Empire) and quickly immersed himself into the Waikiki scene where he was a resident DJ at Dungeon Hawai’i (featured in Playboy, Details, Skin 2, URB, and on E!'s "Wild On" TV), Flesh, and Shockwave. He has guest DJd at Noctuary and has been featured on KTUH’s Feast of Friends with DJ Nocturna. When the 80s band Berlin came to town, they partied with DJ SailorGloom at the official Berlin After-Party held at the Galaxy Nightclub. He was asked to join the Hawai’i’an House/Trance/Breakbeat DJ group, Agents of Empire. In Spring of 2006, he was featured at Convergence 12 in New Orleans, LA spinning primetime slots before the headlining bands on two of three nights (spinning immediately before HMB and immediately before Combichrist) and at DEF CON 15 (2007) in Las Vegas, NV, opening for Regenerator at the Black Ball (Riviera Hotel and Casino) and at Sanctuary for the cult of the dead cow Ninja Strike Force party (Krave Lounge, Las Vegas). He was interviewed for the Fall 2007 edition of Gothic Beauty! In 2007-8, he took Europe by storm in Naples, Italy at Obscure Night and Stuttgart, Germany. With much fervor and passion, he has earned the respect of the local scene and a home with the Stuttgart Schwarz clubs (Our Darkness, Röhre, Wave to the 80s, and Depeche Mode Party) with a unique fusion of American style with those German beats. His DEF CON experience made him a returning DJ for DEF CON 17 and 18. DJ SailorGloom currently spins in Washington, DC for Midnight (Scott Royce Productions), DC's longest running Industrial and Gothic club. When bands such as The Birthday Massacre (2010) and Emily Autumn (2011) come to town, DJ SailorGloom spins their shows. He will never spin anything he will not personally dance to (The DJ SailorGloom guarantee!) and always gets the pulse of the crowd! DJ SailorGloom is also a keyboardist and member of REGENERATOR (Archetype Multimedia),having recently performed with the band in August of 2012 in Las Vegas.


(San Francisco) After cutting his teeth spinning in Nevada in the 2000's, Chris (skarkrow) returned to his California roots a few years ago and now enjoys residency at clubs including Reverence (Sacramento) and Dark Shadows (SF) as well as spinning throughout California, Nevada and the West Coast. He enjoys bringing the heavier beats and loves to get the boots and heels


(San Francisco)The name UNIT 77 was an idea for a name I came up with because I wanted something to sound futuristic military , law enforcement , solider image. I felt it would gowell with the Industrial theme / music , I started listening to Industrial musicsince 1987. And have always been fascinated with synthesizer music at a young age. I started DJing in the year 2000. I have been a DJ / Promoter in Northern California for 15 years . And have contributed and hosted many concert events and club nights in the Industrial music scene. I have for several years ,as Industrial music artist. The 2 bands that I am involved in are FLESH INDUSTRY and DEMODULATE feat. TEKK 77. We have opened for many Industrial music artists such as COMBICHRIST , ASSEMBLAGE 23 ,GOD MODULE and various other local and foreign Industrial acts as well.I am part of several Industrial clubs in San Jose , CA and San Francisco , CA . ( Past and Present ).


(Hollywood/San Francisco/Seattle) voodoo has been spinning records (yep, records was all we had back then) since 1985 when he created the first all gothic club night in Santa Barbara CA. voodoo has entertained as a guest DJ at clubs around the world and at international festivals including Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Whitby Gothic Weekend, Black Sun, Dracula’s Ball, and of course, Convergence . voodoo spins a mixture of gothic rock, classic industrial, deathrock, tanzmetal, darkwave and eighties, with a twist of glam thrown in for flava.