What’s Convergence all about anyway?

Its been said that Convergence is  the annual party put on by the denizens of alt.gothic for the denizens of alt.gothic and ALL their friends that squishes together hundreds of net.goths from around the globe into a single city for a weekend of socializing,  booze, musical events and sweet debauchery.

As longtime atl.gothic denizens and veterans of more C’s than we care to admit (or can remember), we are well aware of the peculiar history, tradition and spirit of Convergence. Its our goal to give you a “Goldilocks” Convergence. Not so small that it feels like nothing’s happening, but not so big that it overwhelms.  Just enough to be the best weekend. Ever.

Why do you want to bring Convergence to Hollywood?

As the birthplace of so much of the entertainment and music we all love, and the home to one of the largest and most active Gothic/Industrial scenes in the US, we couldn't think of a better place to spend a weekend partying with a few hundred of our closest friends (that's you). And believe us, we tried.

Wasn’t Convergence 15 in LA?

C15 was in Long Beach; Long Beach is most definitely NOT Hollywood. And it isn’t even really LA except in the same sense that Oakland is San Francisco or Queens is New York City.

How did you pick the dates for Convergence 21?

The weather in May is gorgeous (Highs 70s Lows 50s), We chose the weekend of May1-3 to avoid conflicts with other Goth events both local and worldwide.

What are the official events?

All official events will be listed in the printed program and on the finalized website and will be included in the cost for all badge holders.

What are the official daytime events?

Registration, Meet and Greet, Vendor's Market, Art Show, Cemetery Picnic, Panels, Elder Goth Cocktail Hour, AGF Shopping Trip, all this and more.

What are the official nighttime events?

A full weekend of: Bands, DJs, Dancing, Drinking and a Fashion Show.

What are the unofficial events?

Group photo ops. Clothing swap, tours, liquor runs, after parties, Thursday night pre Convergence clubbing, Monday morning farewell breakfast, and whatever else we feel like doing...

What are the age restrictions?

All the official daytime events are open to all ages. All the official nighttime events are open to 21+ (with ID).

What do I get for the cost of my pass?

Admission to all the official events; the laminate itself; a comprehensive printed program for the event; a gift bag o swag.  Official C XXI Hollywood Dead Stars t-shirts will be available to order in advance for a very reasonable price, as well.

Is there a FB discussion group for all things related to Convergence XXI Hollywood Dead Stars?

Yes! Join us at Convergence XXI Hollywood Dead Stars where we post and discuss news and coming attractions and you can post your questions and suggestions.



Riot House


Why did you choose Riot House as the official hotel?

What better place for us to party like rock stars than the hotel known the world over for being home to rock stars and their rock n roll debauchery.

The hotel is centrally located in on the Sunset Strip, near to many bars, restaurants and attractions and easily accessible to all our planned official events. The hotel has been recently remodeled, and the public spaces have a rock n roll vibe that you will make you feel right at home, the guest rooms are truly spacious and luxurious by today’s standards, the rooms we will be using for the Are & Costume department are amazing. The rate was the best we could find for a quality hotel with meeting space in Hollywood, and the hotel staff is genuinely excited to be hosting Convergence.

Oh, did we mention the free wine?

Does the Hotel have Wifi?

Yes there is free Wifi in the public spaces and we have arranged to have it in the rooms as well.

How do I get from the Riot House to 333Live?

For your comfort and convenience we will arrange a Fun Shuttle. There is also an MTA bus stop next to the hotel. Uber, taxis and stretch limos are also all available.”

How do I get from the airport to Riot House?

From LAX, you can take the Metro Hollywood Flyaway bus to Hollywood then catch the #2 (Subset-PCH) bus to Sunset and Kings road by the Riot Houasel.   Airport shuttles, taxis, Uber and stretch limos are also available.

From BUR it’s a short ride by airport shuttles, taxis, Uber or stretch limo.

How do I get from Riot House to local attractions?

There is an MTA bus stop next to the Riot House which can connect you to the Red Line. Uber, taxis and stretch limos are also all available to whisk you to your destination.

Is there an ATM in the Hotel?

Yes! There is an ATM in the Hotel., and there are many other ATMs and banks nearby.

Is there a group for people who want to share rooms at Riot House?

For now, use the main Convergence XXI Hollywood Dead stars group, based on interest we will create a separate room share group.

Is there a bar and restaurant in the hotel?

Yes there is the appropriately, if not originally named Riot House bar and restaurant, as well as a full bar at the rooftop sundeck/pool area.

And did we mention the free wine?


Is Hollywood safe?

Yes as long as you use common sense.

Will I see, like, stars?

Probably. And you might see some actors, musicians and celebrities too.

Food & Drink


Will you provide a list of restaurants within reasonable distances from the hotel, venue, & around the city?

We’ve go that for you. here

Are there restaurants which deliver, including late night, to the hotel?

Yes, many.

Are there worthwhile liquor stores near the hotel?

Yes, Hollywood is home to many liquor stores from mom and pops to Trader Joes to BevMo

Are there worthy liquor stores with delivery service to the hotel?

Yes. Also Yummy and Pink Dot deliver pretty much everything

Travel/Transportation To & Within Hollywood

What are good ways to get to Hollywood?

Practice. We also strongly suggest you enjoy a ride on The Red Line where you can relax without the worries of traffic or parking. And if per chance you aren’t staying at the hotel it gives you the luxury of being able to have cocktails with your friends while getting home safely.

What transportation options will I have within Hollywood?

Contrary to what Missing Persons told you, people do walk in LA. Especially Hollywood is eminently walkable. Our venue and hotel are near to each other, and there are many fine eating and drinking establishments within walking distance of both of them. However if you’re feeling lazy or you plans take you further afield, The Red Line, MTA buses, Uber, taxis and stretch limos are all available to which you to your destination. For your comfort and convenience we will also operate a Fun Shuttle between the Riot House and Boardners each night.

Will someone from Hollywood’s C21 committee be available to help be a guide or give accurate directions?

For you, of course.