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The Cruxshadows is an darkwave group from Tallahassee,FL. The band is probably best known for the insane amount of touring they do; it's not unusual for them to play 100-120 live shows in a year. They have built a significant fan base by playing live shows to small towns in the US in Europe that rarely get to experience live acts.

Current members are Rogue, Valerie Gentile, Jen "Pyromantic" Jawidzik, and Jessica Lackey. The Cruxshadows have performed at Convergence V in New Orleans,LA. They have also played at Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Spellbound, Gothstock and at DragonCon.


  • ...Night Crawls In (1993)
  • Telemetry of a Fallen Angel (1995)
  • The Mystery of the Whisper (1999)
  • Echoes and Artifacts/Intercontinental Drift (2001)
  • Wishfire (2002)
  • Ethernaut (2003)
  • Telemetry of a Fallen Angel (anniversary edition) (2004)
  • ...Night Crawls In (Reissue) (2005)
  • The Mystery of the Whisper & Until the Voices Fade (reissue) (2006)
  • DreamCypher (2007)


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