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In preparation for allowing online voter registration, we have a three-step process set up to clean existing records in the database. Existing voters are not required to go through this process, but they will not be able to make changes to their records on their own without doing so. Existing users that do go through the process will be able to keep their email addresses current, update their physical location information, keep their preferred handle current, etc.

The three steps are:

Get your activation key
This step has no security on it at all, and it turns off all mailings and voting privileges associated with that email address. If you know that your Convergence voting information is going to more than one email address that you control, you can use this option to turn off an address by not continuing on to the next step with this option. This option also sends one final email with the activation key used by the second step. After that, no more automated email will come to that address, including actual vote keys, until you complete the next step with the activation key in the email. All automated Convergence-related emails come from Please set your spam filters accordingly. You may resend this activation email as often as you like, and is the first step to try if you suspect you are not getting automated emails from the Convergence voting system.
Activate your account
Enter the activation key you received in the email from the first step. This will reactivate your account and allow general emails to be sent to you. This is the minimum step required to reach a level of function that will allow you to vote. Doing this step will set a temporary password on your full record and mail that password to you in an email with the same sender and server information from above. Using this option constitutes permission for the Convergence vote committee to send you automated mailing for purposes of running the Convergence vote.
Log into your full account
Initially, you'll need to log in using the password sent to you in email. Once you've logged in, you may set your own password. The full account will allow you to view the information retained about you and change most of it, including the email address used to contact you, your preferred handle, your location, etc. The only information required to be present is email address and password.