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Often things are mistakenly classed as goth or gothic when they are in fact merely sp00ky. Many young people who try to collect goth points, usually because they want goths to sleep with them, inadvertently end up being sp00ky instead. Often goths consider sp00ky kids to be cute, but not in that way. Occasionally sp00ky kids grow up and metamorphose into real goths. This is believed to occur when they accumulate so much pretension that it forms a sort of coccoon whih prevents them from having any social life, at which point, if they possess the goth gene, the natural processes of gothification occur.

Examples of things which are sp00ky

  1. rIting N h4x0r 5p33k.
  2. Claiming to be an 800 year old vampire.
  3. Claiming to be any other sort of vampire.
  4. Claiming that Marilyn Manson is goth.
  5. Buying supposedly gothic gear in Hot Topic.
  6. Fighting the Power.
  7. Slashing wrists the wrong way. [1]


  1. Remember, kids, "Down the street, not across the road"
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