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Snog is a experimental electronic industrial band from Australia. The music is distinctive for containing very political lyrics, especially featuring pro-Marxist and anti-consumer themes. The band was founded by David Thrussell and previous incarnations included Tim McGrath, Julia Bourke and Peter Bourke.

Snog performed at Convergence VII in New York City,NY in 2001. As with headliners Coil, the booking of such a seminal industrial band concerned many people on the newsgroup that Convergence was changing from a community event to a commercial music festival.


  • Lies Inc. (1992)
  • Dear Valued Customer (1994)
  • Live in the Global Village (limited-edition bonus disc, 1994)
  • Lies Inc. (limited-edition 2-disc reissue with early material, 1996)
  • Remote Control (anthology, 1997)
  • Buy Me...I'll Change Your Life (1997)
  • Third Mall from the Sun (1999)
  • Relax Into the Abyss (remixes, 2000)
  • Beyond the Valley of the Proles (2003)
  • Your Favourite Electro-Folk Swingers (limited-edition remix CD, 2003)
  • Sixteen Easy Tunes for the End Times (2-disc greatest hits collection with bonus unreleased material, 2006)
  • Snog Vs. The Faecal Juggernaut of Mass Culture (2006)
  • The Last Days of Rome (2007)


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