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Divergence was a one evening event that took place during the same weekend as Convergence IV. It was started by Lady Greycat and Sheila Marie in August of 1998. Both women were chatting about missing another Convergence when the idea of being in an mIRC chat while everyone else, it seemed, was at the actual event, was an event in and of itself. It was Christened "Divergence" due to the fact that people in the chat would be separated. Lady Greycat made the official announcement on August 22, 1998 on alt.gothic and a web-page was created shortly after. Sadly, only the Google record of the announcement is all that is left of this momentous occasion.

Divergence II was set to run again when it was discovered that Love and Rockets would be doing a live net-cast from the House Of Blues the same weekend Convergence V was to take place. This brought about the first ever band performance at Divergence. A bot was set up on the channel and people popped in and out throughout the weekend of Convergence V. No official log was created for this event, and the only record of it is through the Google groups archive.

There was talk of doing it again for Convergence VII, but didn't get much beyond a mere mention.

The Divergence name was hi-jacked during Convergence IX for a pre-Convergence event designed to compete with the real deal. It is believed that the organizer of this Divergence was completely unaware of the prior Divergence events. She was certainly unaware of how to run an event or pay a band.

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