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Convergence 14 took place between the 7th and 11th of August in Ybor City, Florida after a controversial and entertaining bid process.

Official Convergence 14 website


The Bids

There were 3 bids originally put forward for C14. Two of them were disqualified, leaving the vote between Ybor and Boo's Pants. It was decided that if Boo's Pants won that the bid process would reopen.

The original bids were:

The Voting

Ybor won.

The Committee

Carrie Monster
Christal Blu
The Exiled
Spud (Originally Anastasia but life got in the way)
Saint Mykal

The Drama

The vote process that led to Angel, Bob and Rafe winning was the target of huge drama.

The Dallas (Hansel von Quenzer, Helena Jones, Fasciogoth, Dorothy, L3g3nd Q) and Hollywood (Bellz, Marissa, Alumiere, Becca, Guy, Christal, Boon and Trid) bids violated the bid process rules, and as such had to be disqualified.

This upset a number of people.

The Party

The list of ticket buyers contains approximately 190 names.

The organizers are documenting their experiences on the postmortem page.

The Bands

The DJs

The Official Events

The Unofficial Events

  • Goths on Ice (Organized by Eilis)
  • CorpGoth Dinner (Organized by spacekadt)
  • Pre-Party (Originally intended to be Tiki Night, turned into Slushie Silliness due to the initial destination (The Hut) being closed (possibly seasonal, I suspect it's only open during Hockey Season -Rafe)
  • A.G.F. Swap (Organized by Jola & Ashbet)
  • A.G.F. Shopping Trip (Organized by Gala)

--Rafe 18:14, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

The Photos

on the Gallery page

Official Program etc archived on User:Siobhan's website.

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