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New Orleans, April 13-16, 2006


The Bids

The Voting

The Committee

The Drama

During the event, a girl was rather savagely beaten while on her way home from one of the evening events. The event was posted about on the Gothconvergence LiveJournal Community. It became something of an internet sensation, acquiring entries in Encyclopedia Dramatica, Snopes.com, and LJDrama.org and briefly touched on in alt.gothic.

The Party

The list of ticket purchasers contained approximately 550 names.

The Bands

The DJs

The Official Events

  • Pre-party
  • Information panels
  • Meet'n'greet
  • Model/photographer meet-up
  • Séance
  • Art show
  • Zombie films
  • Cemetary tour
  • Tea
  • Clothing swap
  • Shopping trip
  • Wine tasting
  • Voodoo tour

The Photos

On the gallery page

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