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Once self-described on the roll call as "Big Boots, Big Hair, Big... Smile," Ashbet is now slightly less stompy for tax health reasons, but will still cheerfully respond to a Nice Boots shout-out.

Ashbet has attended almost every Convergence since C9 (missed Cozumel and Austin), served as the Bullseye between Axel and Carrie Monster, and can occasionally be found handing out Fashion Police citations and awards.

Currently employed as a housecat. Former longtime resident of MD/DC, transplanted to Dallas in 2011, spends a lot of time in the UK with her favorite Filthy Limey Gofficks. Lays claim to a shockingly when-did-she-grow-up-again babybat offsprog by the name of Kira, who can be identified by her purple forelock and sardonic eyebrows.

Occasionally is known to write in the third person.