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Carrie Monster is is a long-standing member of the Chicago scene as a DJ and a former promoter. She currently holds the record for having been involved in more Convergence committees than any other individual. She has worked on:

Convergence IX in Last Vegas, NV, Convergence X in Chicago, IL, Convergence XIV in Ybor, FL Convergence XV in Long Beach, CA, Convergence XVII in Cozumel, Mexico, Convergence XX in Chicago, IL.

She also DJed at Convergence XI in San Diego, CA, Convergence XIV, Convergence XV Convergence XVI in Park City, UT.

In the aftermath of C20, she has decided not to work on any more Committees, so she volunteered to take on the responsibility of being the C*B*L Bullseye

Carrie is also a professional hairdresser and recently opened her own shops in Chicago called Charm.

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