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Once self-described on the roll call as "Big Boots, Big Hair, Big... Smile," Ashbet is now slightly less stompy for tax health reasons, but will still cheerfully respond to a Nice Boots shout-out.

Ashbet has attended every Convergence since C9 (was forced to beg off earlier years due to poverty), took a brief health-related leave of absence due to head-explody in 2011, and is going to be attending C18 with a bullseye somewhere on her person. No, you may not search for it in her cleavage without special advance permission.

Currently employed as a housecat. Former longtime resident of MD/DC, transplanted to Dallas in 2011, spends a lot of time in the UK with her favorite Filthy Limey Gofficks. Lays claim to a shockingly when-did-she-grow-up-again babybat offsprog by the name of Kira, who can be identified by her purple forelock and sardonic eyebrows.

Occasionally is known to write in the third person.

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