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Wikipedia says "Since shortly after its inception, the bidding and voting process has been managed by a more-or-less consistent group of volunteers, known informally as the C*b*l, composed of several of the longest-term participants in the alt.gothic newsgroups. The C*b*l is widely recognized as having made some of the most substantial contributions to maintaining Convergence, and are among its most frequent attendees. The group also maintains the official Convergence website, and provides organizational and informational assistance to host committees."

There is no C*B*L. We are the C*B*L.

==What it does

The C*B*L keeps the Convergence ball rolling in a few ways:

  1. Run the Bid & Vote Process each year.
  2. Listen to The Denizens of alt.gothic and ALL Their Friends, and make changes to the process if asked.
  3. Herd the cats that make up The Denizens of alt.gothic and ALL Their Friends when it comes to discussing the future of Convergence so that a multitude of opinions become a consensus or at least a majority vote so that direction is established.
  4. Provide the benefit of their experience at holding & running Convergence. Especially with regard to financial and legal matters that a Convergence Committee may not want to discuss in public.[/list]

People get hauled into the C*B*L if they volunteer to do work or if they chaired a Convergence. They leave when they decide they've had enough. The C*B*L is not a sooper sekrit shadowy club of elitier than thou Uber Goths dedicated to making C* not fun.

Current Roster

  1. Ashbet
  2. Axel
  3. Carrie Monster
  4. Eilis
  5. Eveofdstruction
  6. Fross
  7. Jola
  8. JV, The Evil Chemist
  9. Kest
  10. Peter H. Coffin
  11. Scar
  12. Great Cthulhu
  13. Spacekadt
  14. Miss Stasha
  15. Voodoo

The Cabal can be contacted. They[1] won't eat you. Honest. Probably. Maybe.

Honourably Discharged

  1. Angel
  2. Boo
  3. GothPat
  4. Heather Spear
  5. Luci
  6. Macross
  7. Madelyn
  8. Rafe
  9. Siobhan
  10. The One Bob
  11. Xthlc


  1. There's always one exception, just don't wake him up and you'll be fine
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