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Peter Murphy and the band Bauhaus were one of the most formative bands of the goth music genre. He was recording in Seattle at the time of Convergence VI in 2000, and the organizing committee were able to arrange an exclusive show on the last night of the event.

Peter Murphy was not advertised by name, instead being hinted at as "special guest Batwing Candlewax". When he arrived on stage carrying an guitar and wearing a grunge-style touque, the audience went nuts and he launched into an accoustic set. To this day those were at the show refer to the event as "Peter fucking Murphy!


  • Should The World Fail To Fall Apart (1986)
  • Love Hysteria (1988)
  • Deep (1990)
  • Holy Smoke (1992)
  • Cascade (1995)
  • Recall EP (1997)
  • Wild Birds: 1985-1995 (compilation) (2000)
  • A Live Just for Love (live) (2001)
  • Dust (2002)
  • Unshattered (2004)


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