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Jennie Kermode has been posting to alt.gothic since 1994. She was the last Keeper of the Netscrape and was named alt.gothic's Speaker to Animals by klaatu because of her ability to converse with trolls. A Glasgoth now resident in neighbouring Paisley, she regularly attended the Whitby Gothic Weekend until becoming housebound by illness, and she has been to a Convergence. She was the creator of the roar of a big machine. She is in long term relationships with Donald Says and Potatojunkie.

A writer by trade, Jennie is the author of Supporting Transgender and Non-binary People with Disabilities or Illnesses: a Good Practice Guide for Health and Care Provision, Transgender Employees in the Workplace: a Guide for Employers and The Orpheus Industry. She is content director at Eye For Film and chairs the charity Trans Media Watch. She previously ran fashion design company Incarnadine, was once in a band with Erithromycin which never played but was offered two record contracts, and has been dead.

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