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Goth points are those points whereby it is determined how goth something is. Some gothic features are worth more goth points than others.

Goth points are not the sole possession of netgoths and may in fact by possessed by any goth, though netgoths are, by their very nature, likely to possess more of them. Some inanimate objects (e.g. gravestones) also possess goth points.

Goth points may be obtained for features such as:-

  1. Wearing black a lot.
  2. Being naturally black, purple or dark red.
  3. Having internal organs that are black.
  4. Posting to gothic newsgroups.
  5. Going to goth clubs.
  6. Living in Gothenberg.
  7. Dying, or almost dying. Also dyeing.
  8. Being in a gothic band.
  9. Denying being a goth.
  10. Being Axel
  11. Going to Convergence or the Whitby Gothic Weekend.
  12. Being, or looking like, a bat or a spider.

Unfortunately, the deliberate process of trying to accrue goth points can easily lead to being sp00ky. This approach is therefore not recommended. It should be noted that people who have no goth points still have the potential to be goth-compatible.

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