Faith and the Muse

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Faith and the Muse consists of Monica Richards and William Faith although other musicians frequently perform with them during tours. Their music is best described as darkwave with a strong Celtic influence.

They were the headlining band at Convergence IV in Toronto,ON in 1998. The band also performed at Convergence XIII in Portland, OR in 2007 where William Faith also did a DJ set. The band has also performed at Whitby Gothic Weekend, Saturnalia, at Projektfest and at Wave-Gotik-Treffen.


  • Elyria (TESS Records) (1994)
  • Annwyn, Beneath the Waves (TESS Records) (1996)
  • Live in Mainz (16.10.1997) (1997)
  • Evidence of Heaven (Neue Ästhetik Multimedia) (1999)
  • Vera Causa (Metropolis Records) (2001)
  • The Burning Season (Metropolis Records) (2003)


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