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So here's what I'm proposing for the handbook TOC:

  • What is Convergence?
  • Bidding
    • Bidding timeline & process
    • Location
    • Events
    • Committee
    • Budget Outline
    • General Suggestions (tools and the like)
  • Hosting
    • To LLC Or Not To LLC
      • Lawyer/Accountant Considerations
    • Money and Budgets
    • Timeline
    • Hotel
    • Venues
    • Vendors
    • Marketing/Publicity
    • Transportation
    • Ticket Sales
    • Entertainment
      • DJs/Bands
      • Fashion Show
      • Panels
      • Off-site or extra excursions (Tea party, shopping, etc)
    • Merch/Swag
    • On-Site Operations
    • Resources
  • Specific Notes from Former Committees

From my experience, this is an order that works well and is logical for the planning of a convergence. Although vendors may seem like they should be lower on the list, the sooner you get the vendors room nailed down and know how many vendors you can host and open that up, the sooner you can get some seed money going that is not out of your own pocket. This worked spectacularly for C15 to get us through until we could open up laminate sales.

The handbook as it stood in February is available here along with some early comments from myself and Corwyn. I'm not sure where the document stands today since he's been working on a local copy, but this is the gist of the document.

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