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* [[Daednu]]
* [[Daednu]]
* Miguel Fernandez
* Miguel Fernandez
* [[Trystan L Bass]]
* [[Trystan L. Bass]]
* [[Dragon]]
* [[Dragon]]

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New York, August 17-19 2001


The Bids

The Voting

The Committee

The Drama

Started with the C4 bid when Cliff and Althea both entered bids to host Convergence in New York City.

A massive, vitriolic and deeply personal flame war exploded over alt.gothic, the likes of which hadn't been seen since... ... actually probably since TSM and Petro were slightly irritated at a newbie on a Wednesday afternoon. a.g. was a lot less tolerant in those days.

Loquacious and well written, yes. Friendly to ignorant visitors with AOL accounts, not so much.

Anyway, after the that fracas which left Toronto standing proud, Cliff vowed to return in future and conquer!

With his mighty magik and everything.

By C7 he succeeded.

It was dramatic.

I didn't go.

I gather those that did had a great time, but then we'd have a great time at a Barry Manilow Festival[1]

The Party

The Bands

The Official Events

  • Absinthe party
  • Meet 'n' greet
  • Discussion panel
  • Cloisters picnic
  • Merchant bazaar
  • Swap meet
  • Fashion show
  • Museum tour

The Unofficial Events

The Photos

On the gallery page

  1. No, Axel will not be entering a bid to put on Convergence at a Barry Manilow Festival, and neither should you.
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