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Convergence XXII bidding and voting schedule was posted to the Timeline


The Bids

the Bid Process

New Orleans, LA

Boo's Pants

The Voting

New Orleans won

The Committee

  • Frank Schmidt
  • Matthew Checki
  • Joanie Boucher
  • MattVaughn Black

Others Not Officially On Committee But Who Were Invaluable In Their Help

The Drama

The Party

The Bands

  • Voltaire - the renowned Aurelio Voltaire will be MCing the entire event as well as performing.
  • The Tomb of Nick Cage - a local death rock band hellbent on exposing the Illuminati conspiracy surrounding the pyramidal tomb of Nicolas Cage (we think), which may be visited in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 on Basin St.
  • Shock Patina
  • The Siouxsies - a five-Sioux tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees

The DJs

  • Sailor Gloom (filled in when Edminister couldn't make it)
  • Batty von Bats
  • DJ Axis
  • Heaven Malone
  • Nephri
  • LostTwistedSoul
  • Voodoo
  • Schadenfreude

Roll Call

The Official Events


  • unofficial pre-party at '80s night at One Eyed Jack's, 615 Toulouse


  • Registration and laminate collection in the 2nd floor gallery area of the Crowne Plaza or, if available, the St. Charles Ballroom.
  • Pub crawl followed by dance party.


  • Z'Otz Cafe - formal mad tea party
  • Guided liquor shopping excursion.
  • Goth/Punk live band karaoke by the Tomb of Nick Cage, The Sioxusie, The Smithsfists and Voltaire, followed by more dancing, at Siberia.


  • Metairie Cemetery - tour/picnic
  • The Tomb of Nick Cage, Shock Patina and DJs at Siberia.


  • After-party in the front lounge of One Eyed Jack's, 615 Toulouse St.

The Unofficial Events

Heather's Epic Room Party - Cocktail Menu - http://www.altgothic.com/wiki/images/5/55/Convergence-XXII-New-Orleans-Cocktail-Menu.pdf

The Photos

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