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Boston, August 9-11 1996


The Bids

Details are sketchy. Hopefully one day silentq or Siobhan will tell the full story of C2 - Toronto.

The location of Convergence 2 was announced. No vote or other discussion took place.

The first announcement was by retardboy for it to be in Toronto, ON in April, 1996, however he couldn't organise a piss up in a bar so if it had not been for Cusraque that could have been it for Convergence.

Fortunately, Cusraque asked / announced his intent to hold another Convergence - originally intended to be Convergence III in August 1996 and the consensus on the group was that this was a good thing.

The consensus amongst the Toronto net.goths ( Siani, Siobhan to name but two) on the newsgroups was that the Toronto plan wasn't going to happen - more by their silence than active statements.

Net result - Convergence 2 went to Cusraque in Boston by fiat.

The Voting

The Committee

Cusraque, all on his own.

The Drama

The Party

The Bands

The Official Events

  • A buffet dinner at The Middle East Restaurant
  • Fashion show
  • Tour of Boston cemeteries

The Photos

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