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==The Party==
==The Party==

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The Bids

Convergence 19 Austin

Convergence 19 Seattle

the Bid Process

The Voting


Bid 1st Round Votes
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The Committee

Others Not Officially On Committee But Who Were Invaluable In Their Help

The Drama

The Party


Listed In Alphabetical Order

8mm http://www.8mmlovesyou.com Formed in 2004 by Sean Beaven and wife, Juliette, the LA Times Buzz Band, 8MM, is like the glamorous, neo-noir love-child of David Lynch, Portishead and Aimee Mann. Known for captivating and exciting live performances, Alternative Press Magazine calls 8MM, “Sexy, sultry and positively hypnotic.”…one of the “100 Bands You Need to Know”.

Adrian H and the Wounds http://www.adrianhandthewounds.com Adrian H and The Wounds have a sound that is sinfully soulful and reminiscent of a night in a dark room full of hallucinations, secrets, and song. Adrian’s voice and lyrics cut like a straight edge. He evokes impassioned stories of tragic love, lost faith and twisted taboos. With the talented backing of The Wounds and his trusty piano by his side, Adrian H and The Wounds have crafted a unique style that transcends through their live performance guiding their audience down a path into a bitter world of surreal poignant storytelling.

AWEN http://www.triskele.bigcartel.com/ AWEN is an old Brythonic word for inspiration. The sound is inspired by ancestral entities and archetypal imagery. The bonds of blood are never broken. You are your ancestor. This blood mysticism is the crux of the work. In order to represent this ideology we have chosen to describe the project’s sound as Ancestral Ambient.

The Bellwether Syndicate http://www.thebellwethersyndicate.com Founded by William Faith (of Faith and the Muse) upon moving from his native Los Angeles to Chicago in 2011, The Bellwether Syndicate also features the talents of long-standing Chicago fixture Sarah Rose (known to most as Scary Lady Sarah, a prolific and well-traveled DJ), now stepping out into the realm of playing and performing. While the music is written and recorded by William and Sarah, the live shows feature live musician Philly Peroxide (keyboards/percussion) and Mike Skull (bass).

Bloody Knives http://www.facebook.com/thebloodyknives Bloody Knives is an industrial shoegaze group based in Austin, Texas consisting of Preston Maddox (bass, voice, keyboards, samples, programming), Jake McCown (Drums, noise, programming, art), Kim Calderon (sound manipulator) and Christo Buffam (guitars/keys/noise). The band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies.

Cervello Elettronico http://www.cervelloelettronico.com Taken from the Italian phrase for computer literally translates to electronic brain, Cervello Elettronico is the electronic musical act founded by David Christian [aka Snarf]. Influenced by 80s Industrial and 90s Electronica, the project’s inception in 2001 contributed to a new underground scene growing in the New York City area. Several demos and self-released EPs were sold and openly distributed throughout the internet before the the act landed its first live show supporting Manufactura and Terrorfakt in the spring of 2004 at NYC’s legendary Albion night. Since 2004, Cervello Elettronico has been experimenting with dance beats in front of audiences all over the world in new and interesting ways sharing the same stage with various musical acts as Meat Beat Manifesto, Esplendor Geometrico, Snog, Haujobb, Noisex, Terrorfakt, P.A.L., and Combichrist.

CHANT http://www.chantproject.com CHANT, the tribal-infused industrial drum project of Bradley Bills from Austin, TX, has spent the last 8 years solidifying its mark in the Industrial Rock world with a constant tour schedule. Drawing fans from cross genres – rivet & metal heads, goths, punks, rockers… CHANT’s music and lyrics channel an internal rage and outburst of raw emotion, with dark synths and hook-laden phrases a la NIN and Depeche Mode – while their live shows kick it up to an entirely new level of primal chest pounding drumming, slammed into a chaotic presentation of mayhem and rock and roll. Bradley’s unique, custom drum set ups are a nod to experimental innovators Einstuerzende Neubauten – with metal cans, buckets, and satellite dishes featured in the arsenal!

Contaminated Intelligence http://www.facebook.com/JMaggotT Rising from the underground of Ogden, Utah, Contaminated Intelligence is a Dark, Experimental and Industrial one-man arsenal of intense emotions, hard beats, and audio manipulation. Spanning different music genres, the focus and intent is to embrace all the elements of the dark electronic scene rather than cornering oneself.

CTRL http://www.ctrlmusic.com CTRL debuted in 1998 with Secure The Shadow. Over the next ten years, the band released three more acclaimed albums, and appeared on various compilations. 2009 saw the release of Lost In Static. Ctrl followed up Lost In Static with their sixth release, Make Things Right, in 2010. Seven songs that allow the unique blend of pop-tinged electro, driving beats and signature guitar to remain the staples of their sound. The band continues to grow with each new incarnation, while carefully tipping a hat to the founders of the style. The band is often augmented by long-standing compatriots. Since inception, CTRL has performed with such notable acts as: Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, VNV Nation, Funker Vogt, Assemblage 23, Icon Of Coil, Combichrist, Chemlab, Information Society, and many others.

David J http://www.davidjonline.com Since his beginnings as bassist/vocalist in the legendary Bauhaus and Love and Rockets David J has remained a prominent figure over the last 3 decades. His talents as a musician, lyricist, producer and vocalist have yielded over 25 albums worth of material spanning several genres and styles. David J will be debuting his new single/video collaboration with The Wounds; followed by a live performance of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets songs with The Wounds.

Douglas J McCarthy http://www.douglasjmccarthy.com Co-founder and vocalist of Chelmsford, Essex-based EBM band Nitzer Ebb. Apart from writing and performing with Nitzer Ebb, McCarthy has also appeared on recordings by Recoil and has released material in collaboration with DJ Terence Fixmer as Fixmer/McCarthy. He has also contributed vocals to tracks by Die Krupps, Motor, Kloq and Client. McCarthy released his debut solo album, ‘KILL YOUR FRIENDS’ on February 18th, 2013.

//EXIT// http://www.weareexit.net Born in the mid-1990s out of Austin, Texas’ Ben Londa’s love of electronic music, particularly the ambient soundscapes of Global Communication and early Projekt Records releases. Meshing electronics with guitars, Londa began self-releasing albums at rapid speed. 2005′s The Way Out Is Through showed Londa’s maturity as a songwriter, garnering praise from publications all around the world. …Merging acoustic guitars and electronics with elements of new wave and shoegaze, The Way Out Is Through has been described as “one of the best, most well-crafted albums of the year” by CD Baby and “a very important release and an artist to pay attention to” by Dark Austin.

Hollow http://www.facebook.com/hollowdreams A modern deathrock/electro-goth band with industrial and post punk overtones hailing from Austin,Texas.

Lacy Rose http://lacyrosemusic.com Though singing before she could speak and writing music for much of her life, Lacy Rose began taking shape as an artist while a music student in New Orleans. Her haunted and often bizarre day-to-day experiences led to an outpouring of creative energy, leading to new music that showed influences of Baroque arias, gothic horror, and dramatic depictions of tragic and eternal love. Lacy currently resides in Austin, Texas, where she continues to shape and perform her art. She released her first album, the EP-length Ghost Music, in October of 2012. The work is a succinct collection of original art songs regaling the listener with tales of tragedy, vengeance, longing, and madness.

Led Er Est http://www.facebook.com/lederest Led Er Est was formed in early 2007 by Samuel kKlovenhoof and Shawn NoEQ. Drawing from the dire textures of first-wave industrial music, the craftsmanship and ambience of postpunk and coldwave, and the primal kineticism of old school house and techno, the project was initially more of an outlet for song fragments and delirious baubles. As their sound took a more structured turn towards the end of 2007, Owen Stokes was recruited. Led er est strives towards that which is otherworldy and alien(ating), but also immediate and infectious. Their live performance is raw and unhinged, at times leaning towards the improvisatory, but ultimately rooted in traditional songcraft – From Broadwayworld.com Led er est are on Sacred Bones and Wierd Records.

Lucid Dementia http://www.luciddementia.com “Lucid Dementia” is named after a six foot tall alien-like creature puppet that fronts the band, and who has been leading it in a full frontal assault on audiences since 1996. The legendary Lucid Dementia performance is a cross between a b-movie slasher flick, a David Lynch film, and a children’s puppet show gone horribly wrong.* You have to see it to believe it.

Mirabilis http://www.mirabilismusic.com Mirabilis is the neo-classical/ethereal musical project started by Dru Allen of This Ascension and Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden. Using vocals as the primary instrumentation, Mirabilis crafts original musical compositions as well as interprets traditional classical vocal pieces from a number of different periods. The music is melodic and rich and borrows from classical, ethereal, dark…wave, and gothic genres.

Mentallo and The Fixer http://www.myspace.com/mentalloandthefixer Mentallo and the Fixer (sometimes written as Mentallo & the Fixer) is the project name used by Texan electro-industrial musicians Gary Dassing (Mentallo) and Dwayne Dassing (The Fixer) from 1988 to 1999, and by Gary Dassing alone from 1999 to the present day. The band has several releases on the American record label, Metropolis Records.

The Nimbus http://manywaysofrainydays.com The Nimbus is an electronic duo from Austin, Texas; formed in late 2011 by Ritch Napierkowski and Martin McCreadie. Having spent the previous two and a half years working together on other projects, including post-industrial cyberpunk band, subNatural, the two began performing cacophonous pop songs tailored for cloudy days. With musical influences spanning alternative and indie rock, electronic, synthpop, trip hop, dub, industrial, jazz, blues, and more, they use haunting melodies, lush atmospheres and mangled electronics to envelop the listener. Mixed with a love of eclectic instrumentation and effects, the result is glitched electropop as foreign as it is familiar.

Pinkish Black http://pinkishblack.bandcamp.com Psychedelic Deathrock from Forth Worth, Texas.

Producer Q http://www.redcircuitrecords.com/Qhome.htm Producer Q is more of a loose conglomeration of musicians than a band per se. The line up changes with each project but most members appear on more than one project to give cohesion from album to album. For logistical reasons, several of these projects haven’t been released to the general public… but that WILL change. One thing does not change, and that is Eugene Canady’s involvement. Sometime referred to as “Q:”, “Producer Q”, or Eugene, its all the same thing. Some people have another name for me (Eugene), the guy behind everything.

Provision http://provision.bandcamp.com/ Provision is an electronic music group based in Houston, Texas. Founded in November of 2000, Provision’s music was initially self-described as “Electronic Dance Music with an Edge”. In September of 2012 with the coming of their 5th Full Length L.P. lead singer Breye 7x coined the term “Darkpop” to describe Provision’s unique style of cultured Synthpop, Industrial Dance and Darkwave ambiance.

Rescue Mission http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=311885 With a distinctively British flair, Rescue Mission is warm and lush. With melodic and textured strings, dynamic beats, and vocals reverberating, the music weaves along the littoral. Rescue Mission’s sound provides solace and a point of view.

Single Lash http://singlelash.bandcamp.com/ Single Lash is an Austin-based trio producing loud, beautiful, dark, hypnotic music.

Soriah http://soriah.wordpress.com Soriah, which translates as “Milky Way” from Sufi, is the stage persona for the internationally recognized artist, Enrique Ugalde. Soriah’s craft is a blending of traditional Khöömei (Tuvan Throat Singing), tempered with Soriah’s own visceral force. Performances vary from being steeped in tradition and bound to its constructs to more experimental fascinations with electronic and acoustic accompaniments, and introducing Butoh and Ritual Performance Art. Soriah’s use of Khöömei as a transportive medium is an offering to nature in her own tongue, that of organic sound whether it be wind, water or the mimicry of animals.

Souless Affection http://www.facebook.com/soulessaffection Formed in 2008 by Chains (Xavier) and Wraith (TJ), Souless Affection was created as a medium to vent lifetimes of abuse, rape, molestation, neglect, and torment at the hands of a bastard world.

Talmage D’Amour http://www.talmagedamour.com The talmage aesthetic was already in place when vocalist John Hawkins and guitarist Bill Neubauer began writing new songs together in 1981 after the demise of Actual Size, their experimental punk band. Influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk, OMD, Soft Cell, Gary Numan, and Joy Division, the two worked with a drum machine and various electronic devices to explore a similar musical terrain. They were soon joined by guitarist and keyboardist Gary Wheelchair, and the three built up a workable body of material before casting about for a bass player. They found one in Seth Bovey, who had been playing in a neo-psychedelic band called Standard Deviation, and talmage d’amour was formed.

Unto Ashes http://www.untoashes.com “Unto Ashes, a neo-Medieval dirge band, are primarily focused on the exploration of beauty and terror in the realms of shadow and loss. They utilize acoustic and synthetic instruments to produce a foreboding gloom-scape of trance and drone; many of their songs are hauntingly beautiful, a dark harvest of abandonment and failure. Unto Ashes do in fact perform authentic Medieval music as well, but generally do so in a threatening, almost menacing way…” (Carlos Dengler, Theatrumaethereum).

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