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Convergence XV took place on July 17-20, 2009 in Long Beach, CA, aboard the Queen Mary.

Convergence 15 Long Beach official website


The Bids

Long Beach, CA WINNER

Axel's completely original Omaha bid[1] Omaha, NE

Seattle, WA

Boo's Pants

the Bid Process

The Voting


Bid 1st Round Votes 2nd Round Votes
Boo's Pants 3 18
Long Beach, CA 104 43
Omaha, NE 16 59
Seattle, WA 40 34

Note: second round votes omit ones where second round was the same option as first round, and for which first round was Boo's Pants.

The Committee

Eilis - Captain

Eveofdstruction - Captain

Spacekadt - Captain

Carrie Monster - DJs/Swag

Trystan L. Bass - Fashion Show

Madelyn - Volunteer Coordinator/Catherder

Jason - AV and all-around Man Friday

Scar - Shore Guide Coordinator

sloot - Token Canadian and all-around Man Friday

Duane - Lifeboat

Others Not Officially On Committee But Who Were Invaluable In Their Help





The Drama

The vendor coordinator quit four days before the event, and captain Laura endured two surgeries (one a week before C15, the other two days before), a pulmonary embolism, a wheelchair, and frequent needles. Laura came to C15 straight from the hospital. Is this a first?

The Party

The Band

The Last Dance

The DJs

The Official Events

Bon Voyage Party and Speakeasy

Moonlight Promenade Fashion Show

Queen's Emporium Vendors Bazaar

Marooned!! Beach Party and BBQ

Exclusive Late-Night Queen Mary Ghosts and Legends Tour

The End of Prohibition Formal Dinner/Dance

afterparties in Steerage!!

The Unofficial Events

Goths on Ice

CorpGoth dinner

alt.gothic.fashion clothing swap

The Photos

on the gallery page ...

Official Program etc archived on User:Siobhan's website.


  1. Not at all a rewrite of the C5 NOLA bid
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