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What Is alt.gothic Convergence℠?

Convergence℠ is explained on it's own page, but we feel it's worth reiterating the core purpose here. alt.gothic Convergence℠ is the annual party put on by the denizens of alt.gothic for the denizens of alt.gothic and ALL their friends that squishes together hundreds of net.goths from around the globe and their friends into a single city for a weekend of socializing, booze, musical events and sweet debauchery.

Bid Selection Process

There are 4 steps to getting a bid chosen to be a Convergence:

  1. Bids are entered.
  2. The C*B*L vet the bids to ensure they are within the bounds of reason[1] and fulfill the requirements.
  3. alt.gothic ratifies the bids.
  4. The voters vote for the bid they want to go to.

The events occur on the dates laid out in the timeline

Please note that the purpose of the Bid Process is to establish the various bidders suitability to host our party. It takes a lot of time, effort and putting up with bullshit to keep this ship sailing on year after year, and we aren't paid anything (it's practically unheard of for a Committee to even thank us at Convergence), so if the C*B*L screws something up and you don't like it then you can shut the fuck up.

Bid Proposal Requirements

If you are at all unclear about what is and is not acceptable, ask The_C*B*L before acting. If you act first and get it wrong, your bid could be disqualified.

If you want to put this show on, you need to read these requirements. If your bid breaks the rules, it will not be included in the vote. We does not want to have to do so but we have to be fair to all the people who invest time, effort and money in putting a bid together.

The core planning and decision making membership of a Convergence committee should consist of at least 50% net.goths. We prefer it if ALL members of your committee have attended at least one past Convergence. These numbers do not include and are not relevant to the volunteer and paid staff who assist in actually presenting the event on its scheduled days.

In your Convergence Bid Proposal you must

  1. Introduce your Bid Committee. We put this at the top, 'cos it's the most important part. We have to trust you to put on our party and to do it right so knowing who you are and why we can have confidence in you is really important.
  2. Explain why we should come to your town.
    1. What's in it for us?
    2. How does it rock?
  3. Outline what your tentative plans are for Convergence. Over the years this part has typically been the most emphasized in the bids, and has become way rather more than 'tentative'. Since you will only have about a year between vote and execution the more planning you can do in advance the better.
  4. Include a tentative budget outline. This does not need to be fully fleshed out by any stretch of the imagination, but we want to see that you have a realistic idea of how much things cost, that you've got the major points covered and that you have an idea of how you'll pay for all of it. This is not binding and we very much expect that your numbers will change as you go.


Your core audience are the denizens of alt.gothic and their friends. The expected attendees includes our friends and families from the alt.gothic.* news groups, related mailing lists and other forms of electronic communities.


The themes, locations and activities are up to your committee's creativity and resources. We are trusting you to design an affordable, accessible and highly social event for us to attend.

As long as your committee keeps its core audience in mind with realistic goals and strives to maintain a high degree of organization and professionalism, you can expect great success in planning and executing your alt.gothic Convergence℠ party, should the vote be in your favor.


To have your proposal included on this year's ballot, you must

  1. Register for web space on as noted below,
  2. Submit your proposal via email to Siobhan ( The person that submits the bid, will be the point of contact with The C*B*L. Any references to a Committee Chair in the process refer to that person.
  3. Await receipt that your proposal has been accepted
  4. Upon receipt, you must cross-post your proposal alt.gothic, alt.gothic.announce, and alt.gothic.convergence during the proposal nomination period.

The first public posting of your bid must be on alt.gothic. After that, feel free to post and discuss it anywhere you want, but alt.gothic MUST come first.

You can talk about your potential bid prior to this anywhere you want, and indeed we encourage you to ask alt.gothic what we want, and to get input from previous organisers and attendees to make your bid the best possible.

Posting to weblogs, regional mailing lists, web communities and other resources is permitted but not required.

Bid Proposal Submission Period

See the timeline.

Bid Proposal Web Sites

Proposal web sites must be hosted on No exceptions. Each Bid Committee will be allotted 10MB of disk space, CGI-bin access and a single FTP login account with 24 hour access. No other website may be used to provide informational content, only to provide a reference to the proposal site.

To receive your web account, you must send Siobhan at the address the following information immediately:

  • Your full contact information (name, address, phone number, etc).
  • Your Bid Proposal Committee information (city/state/country).

Best Practices

(Some advice from past committees)

  • Talk to alt.gothic as you build your event. We are your audience. We can give you very fast feedback about what is worth investing your time and money on when you put the event together.
  • Talk to former Convergence committees. Odds are someone has relevant experience that you can learn from, instead of making the same mistake twice.
  • Talk to The C*B*L. We have experience putting on the party. We have experience attending the party. We know an awful lot of people who know stuff about things that you can leverage. We do this because we love Convergence. Not for the money, drugs or women[2]. We will keep anything you talk to us about in the strictest confidence.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts with similar events. It'll limit the people who can come, and since most others are on a regular calendar schedule but since Convergence floats chronologically, you'll look like a dick. Piss people off and they won't buy tickets, and because Convergence is first and foremost a social event that can have a ripple effect. For instance Whitby Gothic Weekend, WaveGotik Treffen, Black Sun, the various 'Dark Arts' festivals.
  • Listing specific musical acts, venues or other information which can change drastically over the next 9 to 12 months in your bid is strongly discouraged. Firstly because it's not about the bands; secondly, if you promise to resurrect Ian Curtis and don't deliver, there's a good chance you'll be lynched.
  • Keep your committees small. A small committee of 4 people or less is far more efficient and likely to succeed than a larger committee.
  • Maintain regular open communication within your committee, volunteers, hired help, venues, venders, DJs, bands
  • Nominate one person to speak on behalf of your committee. It is a practice which can spare your audience from a lot of confusion and your committee from embarrassment. However, make sure it is somebody who has time and energy to spend on answering seemingly dumb questions.
  • Limit your live band rosters. Live bands are nice but not essential. The primary focus of Convergence is the people of alt.gothic. Events should be people oriented and inclusive, relaxed, inexpensive and above all FUN.

Extended Resources for Bid Proposal Committeess

A growing library of text documents written by the past alt.gothic Convergence℠ Committee members who now act as advisors will be available to all Bid Proposal Committee members, as well as specific contacts in all areas of Convergence planning. These members have volunteered their time and expertise to remain highly available to assist all of you in constructing the best Bid Proposals and eventually the best Convergence events possible. Browse this wiki for more information.

It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of consulting with past Convergence committees members (especially Siobhan and Axel of Convergence 4 and 8, Eilis of Convergence 9 and 15) and the plethora of web and Usenet based diaries of past events to get a solid perspective on what works and what does not.

Current Bids

The following cities have submitted bid proposals for C21:

Prior Bids

Information about prior bidding proposals are organized by event:

  1. We may well look askance at a bid that looked like [Glastonbury] for example
  2. What money, drugs and women?
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