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Valor's Christian Death performed at Convergence II in Boston,MA. At that time there were two bands touring under the name Christian Death, as Rozz Williams was also still using the name.

Christian Death were touring with Switchblade Symphony at the time, and were booked by Cusraque so that they could arrange to have the latter perform as headliners. Valor gave Cusraque so much rock-star attitude, that the two argued and Cusraque called Valor a mercy fuck.


  • Atrocities (1986)
  • The Scriptures (1986)
  • Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ (1988)
  • All the Love All the Hate (Part 1 - All the Love) (1989)
  • All The Love All The Hate (Part 2 - All the Hate) (1989)
  • Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misericordiaque (1990)
  • Prophecies (1992)
  • Sexy Death God (1995)
  • Pornographic Messiah (1998)
  • Born Again Anti-Christian (2000)
  • American Inquisition (2007)


Christian Death official site

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