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Trance To The Sun were an ambient band formed by Ashkelon Sain and including Zoe Alexandra Wakefield, Lucian S. Donato, Dawn Wagner, and Ingrid Blue.

The band performed at Convergence I in Chicago,IL in 1995, Convergence VI in Seattle,WA in 2000 and Convergence XIII in Portland,OR in 2007.

Ashkelon Sain's current project is a band called Submarine Fleet, who also performed at Convergence XIII in Portland,OR in 2007.


  • Bloom Flowers, Bloom (1995)
  • Venomous Eve (1995)
  • Delirious (1997)
  • Azalean Sea (1998)
  • Urchin Tear Soda (1999)
  • Atrocious Virgin


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