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Sunshine Blind was a band started by Caroline Blind and CWHK. Their music was a combination of darkwave and trip-hop.

The band performed at Convergence I in Chicago,IL in 1995 and in Convergence II in Boston,MA in 1996 and were part of the alternate evenings events for Convergence VII in New York,NY in 2001. They have also played at Whitby Gothic Weekend.

The band also received a small amount of notoriety when they along with the New Creatures were kicked off the Dark Harvest line-up in Philadelphia in 1997 at the behest of Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters Of Mercy. The Eldritch's objection was that the band was "too Goth".


  • Love The Sky To Death (1996)(Scream)
  • Liquid (1997)(Energy)
  • I Carry You (2003)(Invisible)


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