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The longest of alt.gothic's threads ever, Se7en was initially created by Erithromycin and basically consisted of a list of seven matters of immediate concern to the poster at the time.


1. - I feel like making a list of seven things of concern to me.

2. - I'm vaguely worried that other people will find my list uninteresting.

3. - I'm going to post my list anyway! I'm not ashamed!

4. - Gosh. Some Se7en posters seem to have really interesting things to talk about. Most of the posts in the thread are pretty dull, though, so I'm sure my post will look okay.

5. - I've just been told that the average person can only think of three or four things at one time. Imagine!

6. - I like fluffy things!  :D

7. - Um...

This format proved very popular with some people, who liked to read each other's day to day gossip and who enjoyed the focus on lighthearted, present-orientated discussion. Other people, however, loathed this thread with a passion, and some actually gave it as their reason for leaving alt.gothic forever.

Every now and again, a newbie would appear and express disappointment at the fact we were not discussing the films of David Fincher.

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