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This page describes the Convergence bid ratification process.


What Is alt.gothic Convergence℠?

Convergence℠ is explained on it's own page, but we feel it's worth reiterating the core purpose here. alt.gothic Convergence℠ is the annual party put on by the denizens of alt.gothic for the denizens of alt.gothic and ALL their friends that squishes together hundreds of net.goths from around the globe and their friends into a single city for a weekend of socializing, booze, musical events and sweet debauchery.

Bid Selection Process

There are 4 steps to getting a bid chosen to be a Convergence:

  1. Bids are entered.
  2. The C*B*L vet the bids to ensure they are within the bounds of reason[1] and fulfill the requirements.
  3. alt.gothic ratifies the bids.
  4. The voters vote for the bid they want to go to.

The events occur on the dates laid out in the timeline

Purpose of the process

The purpose of this process is to ensure that alt.gothic is foremost in the minds of the Committees that bid to host Convergence and that the denizens of alt.gothic are confident that a bid committee can put on a Convergence they would be happy to attend.


Ratification takes place after the bids are up and before voting. Specifics are in the timeline


2008 is the first year in which the ratification process is being used so the process documentation is minimal. As long as you understand the intent, it should all make sense. The C*B*L will refine the procedures over time.

  1. Bidders post their bid on a.g.
  2. The People of alt.gothic speak up if they do NOT believe the bid would make a good Convergence.
    1. If objections are raised, we expect forthright discussion to ensue.
    2. alt.gothic allows 1 weeks for objections to be raised.
    3. The C*B*L assesses the will of the people.
  3. The C*B*L will determine if objectors are legitimate members of the alt.gothic community.
    1. Sockpuppets, trolls & strangers will be ignored.
  4. If The C*B*L don't see any significant objections it's approved.
  5. If The C*B*L sees that the denizens of alt.gothic are not happy with a bid, that bid is rejected.
  6. The C*B*L's decision is open to appeal by The C*B*L
  1. We may well look askance at a bid that looked like Glastonbury for example
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