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Mentallo and the Fixer is an industrial band from Austin,TX. Members are Gary Dassing and Dwayne Dassing. The name comes from two Marvel Comics characters.

The band performed at Convergence V in New Orleans, and at Convergence XIX in Austin, TX.


  • No Rest for the Wicked (1992)(Simbiose)
  • Revelations 23(1993)(Zoth Ommog)
  • Mentallo & The Fixer Meets Mainesthai (1994)(Zoth Ommog)
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread (1994)(Zoth Ommog)
  • Continuum (1995)(Metropolis)
  • Revelations 23 (1995)(Metropolis)
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread(1995)(Metropolis)
  • ...There's No Air to Breathe (1997)(Zoth Ommog)
  • Burnt Beyond Recognition (1997)(Metropolis)
  • Mentallo & The Fixer Meets Mainesthai (1998)(Metropolis)
  • No Further Rest for the Wicked: 2xCD (1997)(Zoth Ommog)
  • Algorythum (1999)(Metropolis)
  • Systematik Ruin Single (1999)(Metropolis)
  • Love is the Law (2000) Metropolis)
  • Return to Grimpen Ward (2001) Metropolis)
  • Vengeance Is Mine (2001)(Metropolis)
  • Commandments for the Molecular Age (2006)(Alfa Matrix)
  • Enlightenment Through a Chemical Catalyst: 2xCD Ltd. Edition Box Set (2007)(Alfa Matrix)
  • A Collection Of Rare, Unreleased & Remastered (2012) (Alfa Matrix)
  • Music from the Eather (2012) (Alfa Matrix)


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