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A general term for goths from (or resident in) Glasgow, this is sometimes extended into glasnetgoth to indicate an online type based thereabouts. Current Glasgoth netgoths include the following:-


Aidan Skinner, a former Edingoth.

Colin Lamond, the first ever Scottish netgoth.

Donald Says

The Emperor Penguin


Fuzzygoth Dave

Jennie Kermode, though she is now resident in Paisley.



Siani, though she is now resident in Brighton.


Glasgow has welcomed netgoth visitors including Coeur, Dag, David Gerard, Goblin, Greylock, JV, Karl (who stayed for three years!), kest, Metamorph, Moonglow Minnow, Narnia, Rufus and Tal. Axel was not so much welcomed as watched warily and plied with drinks to keep him placated.

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