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Always one of the group's more provocative posters, Erithromycin (known as 'Erith' for short) is best known as the creator of Se7en, a feat which earned him the outright hatred of some former regulars. He is a Glasgoth and regularly attends the Whitby Gothic Weekend; he has also been to a Convergence.


  1. Erith has had snail mail addressed to him as 'Mr. Romycin'.
  2. Erith is sometimes refered to as 'Redacted' because at a party at the Whitby Gothic Weekend of April 2008 he CENSORED. He kept the money as he had won the bet and spent it on food and drink for a subsequent net.goth party.
  3. Erith is not a member of the net.goth.INQUISITION but he does dig their cool uniforms.
  4. Erith is an expert. It says so right here.
  5. Erith is notably useless at determining if people are flirting with him.
  6. Erith used to share a flat with siani in Glasgow.
  7. Erith is alt.gothic's resident SCIENTIFIC FACTOLOGIST, much as Dag is the newsgroup's resident MATHEMOLOGISER
  8. Erith drinks tea.
  9. Erith is 74% Wood Fibre. The other 26% has been variously identified as 'vitriol', 'jesus', 'tea' and other things that seemed funny at the time.
  10. Erith keeps getting stuck in Edit Wars with Godot, usually involving redirect pages.
  11. Erith is the original designer of the agLET system.
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