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Properly written, Cusraque's name is enclosed in curvy brackets, but unfortunately they screw up Wiki software.

Cusraque has a splendid hat with big feathers in it.

During Cusraque's heyday, newbies often asked petulantly "Why is he allowed to post like that when we're not?", referring to a distinctive poetic style which made use of the aforementioned curvy brackets and a lot of careful spacing. The answer was that Cusraque had already won the admiration of pretty much everyone in alt.gothic, plus he used his style intelligently to produce interesting results. He was a Special Case.

Convergence 2

Cusraque put on Convergence 2 in Boston all on his own. It was a success and consequently allowed The North American net.goth Gathering from a one time event to the annual extravaganza we all know and love.

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