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Las Vegas, April 25-27 2003


The Bids

The Voting

The Committee

Co-Chairs: Spacekadt and Eilis
Money Guy: Duane Brinson
Bands Coordinator: Russell Scott
DJ Coordinator: Carrie Monster
Vendors Coordinator: Christal Blu
Fashion Show Coordinator: Heather McRyhew
Database and Goodies: Trid
Daytime Programming: Thom Truelove
Web Designer: Josie Nutter

The Drama

There was some minor but highly amusing drama before the event, thanks to a young lady who channeled her sour grapes into Divergence, a sad attempt at sabotaging C9. Most people were unaware of Divergence, because they were too busy drinking at rumjungle and Red Square at Mandalay Bay.

There was LiveJournal drama related to C9 after the event, when some of Macross' photos caused a stir.

During C9 itself, there was no drama worth writing home about. We were too busy diving photos, hot tubbing, and getting our drink on.

The Party

C9 was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and will be remembered for the wild afterparties in the hot tub and as the birthplace of the photo diving craze.
At least five couples exchanged marriage vows during the weekend. Hey...it's Vegas.

The Bands

The DJs

The Official Events

Clint Catalyst (spoken word)[1]

The Unofficial Events

The Photos

On the gallery page

Official Program etc archived on User:Siobhan's website.

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