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Montréal, May 31-June 2 2002


The Bids

The Voting

  • Montréal won.
  • Las Vegas were second.
  • Denver, Philly & SF got some votes.
  • Salt Lake City got less votes than it had committee members!

The Committee


Casper's Superzombies & Siobhan's Flying Monkeys

You know who you are. Pipe up if you want the world to know.

Lucky to Make It Out Alive

The Drama

Drama? There was no drama. It took one look at Siobhan and walked away very slowly & cautiously, whistling an innocent tune. Well, there was Uriel & Pandora but that was all back of house. Moral of the story? Just 'cos they're local doesn't mean they're useful.

The Party

The Official Events

  • La Maison Hantée
  • Cemetary

The Bands

"Gothic PunkSkaBilly Myths Captain Matt's Armada Featuring Axel (where Trevor Writes All The Songs and does all the work) reformed exclusively [1] for C8. They were ably supported by

The DJs

The MC's

The Photos

On the gallery page

Official Program etc archived on User:Siobhan's website.


  1. They got into a big fight at an after party and haven't talked to one another since.
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