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Convergence XX bidding and voting schedule has been posted to the Timeline


The Bids

the Bid Process

Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

Boo's Pants

The Voting

Chicago, IL: 265 Washington, D.C.: 95 Boo's Pants: 9

The Committee

Scary Lady Sarah

William Faith


Carrie Monster

Jennifer Anne Buckley

Moses ("Creepy") McFeely

Others Not Officially On Committee But Who Were Invaluable In Their Help

The Drama

The Party

The Bands

March Violets
Sunshine Blind
Pretentious Moi?
Ending the Vicious Cycle
Peeling Grey
The Gothsicles
Arch Visceral Parlor

The DJs

DJ Fross (London, UK)
voodoo (Seattle/Hollywood/San Francisco)
End: The DJ (San Diego)
DJ :Garz: (Milwaukee)
DJ Mike Textbeak (Cleveland)
DJ Wednesday (Portland, OR)
DJ Arcanus (Boston)
DJ Skeletal (St. Louis)
DJ SailorGloom (Washington, DC)
DJ Peroxide (Chicago)
DJ DirtNap (Chicago)
DJ Schadenfreude (New Orleans)
DJ Toast (Chicago)
DJ Rickbats (San Antonio, TX)
DJ Meowsoleum (Leo Alme, formerly DJ Cadaverine; Chicago)
DJ Wormwood Star (Austin, TX)
DJ CarrieMonster (Chicago)
The Pirate Twins (Scary Lady Sarah & William Faith; Chicago)

Roll Call

The Official Events

The Unofficial Events

The Photos

Official Program etc archived on User:Siobhan's website.

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