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After this years vote cycle flew past without a single bid, I managed to convince a few people with more enthusiasm than sense to put in a bid.

At some point Peter will get the vote engine running to allow y'all to choose between this and Boo's Pants (which would likely end up being in Buffalo in the middle of June...)

Anyhow - the choice for Convergence 18:

Buffalo?!?  Seriously?!? Convergence 18 Buffalo NY Bid A local alternative night promoter and a local crazy dj team up.  Hilarity ensues. Convergence 18: Buffalo, coming to a Buffalo that may not be near you summer 2012 Your Mad Man

C18 Committed/Committee

razorjak If you don't know who he is stop living under a rock.

Digital Enigma is a dj who wears her crazy on her sleeve.  She's attended/dj'ed Gothcruise 6 and 7, and lived with RazorJAK long enough to hear some stories.

DJ Storm has attended many a Convergence and Gothcruise.

Darkpartys has been promoting nights in Buffalo for the alternative scene, some are just dance nights and some are themed nights.

Theme The theme is... Buffalo?!?  Seriously?!?  This will be a time for people to take things not so serious(Unless you're on the committee, cause THIS SHIT IS FOR REALZ YO).  We're known for drinking and food in this town.

Location Buffalo NY has a lot to offer for those who know where to look, including cheap drinks, bartenders who remember when people tip, bars that close at 4 am, an art gallery that houses some seriously famous works of art and happens to be across the street from...an art gallery, botanical gardens, parks in the city limits designed by Frank Olmstead, nifty non-chain shops with Buffalo feel, a wide range of ethnic food, wonderful architecture, and RazorJAK.

Cost We're looking at $40-$50.  Since public transport shuts down before the bars close at 4 am, we're looking into setting up a private shuttle bus to get people to and from the bar and hotel in between the time the public transport shuts down and the bars close.

Hotel TBD. But likely downtown, good and less than $100 per night.

Tentative Dates:

June 16-18 or 1-3, 2012 , depending on hotel availibility.


Friday-Standard meet&greet, maybe organizing for dinner. Then GET YOUR BOOZE ON come as you are style, with a possible burlesque act.

Saturday-We're looking to get a vendor room in the hotel for shop and drop-off convenience, and looking at vendor room hours of 12-7 so we can get people in who might they Convergence is wierd or that they are too good for Convergence. Looking to book a picnic/walking tour of Forest Lawn Cemetery between 4 and 6 pm Then, at the bar HOLY CRAP PIRATES because everyone loves pirates and the Great Lakes had their fair share of piracy back in the day, and a musical performance by INSERT BAND HERE.

Sunday-Final call for the vendor room, 12-6.  Time to see if we can drink the bar dry in Dress to Impress style.  Time to show off just how awesome your wardrobe really is.  Also, possible belly dancing act. Looking into getting Ghostwalking tour set up here Maybe put fashion show here?

Monday-Time to go home :(

Unofficial events-Thursdays in lafayette square(in downtown buffalo) is a tradition called Thursday At The Square where some better known bands play for free.  Concessions pay for the bands so they won't let you take anything in.  After I know of a nice little bar in downtown buffalo that is themed to our kind of people. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery has a special where the main collection is free to view from 3 to 10 pm on fridays.  They do accept donations though, and any special collection they have will have an admission fee. We're close to Niagara Falls, so you can go see those. We have a Casino in downtown Buffalo that currently only has slots.  If you want other casino games you'll have to go to it's counterpart casino in Niagara Falls USA. Martin House Complex-Buffalo is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House.  The Martin House is offering tours with proceeds helping to restore parts that were torn down back to their original state. Greycliff House-If you're willing to drive a half hour away, you can also visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Greycliff house, also open for tours.  I did not make these house tours official events as they can only accomidate a small number of people at once.

Getting to Buffalo: We have an international airport, two amtrak stations, and one bus terminal.  If you live on the Great Lakes, we even have a harbor.  Traveling to buffalo can be cheap cause apparently people only come here to travel to other destinations.

F.A.Q. Q. Why Buffalo? A. Cause when I had this crazy idea there were no bids for Convergence 18 and I've never been cause I'm poor.  Buffalo is cheap.  Idea lightbulb went DING. Q. What will the weather be like? A. Probably around 70F or 20C.  Might rain, might not.  Downtown can get breezy cause it's on the lake. Q. Kids? A. Bars are usually 18+ to enter and 21+ to drink, and the events will be kid friendly unless stated.

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