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Convergence XVIII is scheduled for 15 - 17 June, 2012 in Buffalo, NY. Coincidentally, June 15th is my birthday. I wonder if the hotel or venue would object to us slow roasting a pig...

Convergence 18 Buffalo official website


The Bids

Convergence 18 Buffalo

Boo's Pants

the Bid Process

The Voting


Bid 1st Round Votes
Boo's Pants 10
Buffalo, NY 35

The Committee

Razorjak -

Jaime - Digital Enigma

Others Not Officially On Committee But Who Were Invaluable In Their Help

The Drama

The Party

The Band

Armageddon Party
Digital Geist
Third Realm

The DJs

DJ Eclipse
DJ Fang
DJ ArcaTek
DJ ArcaTek
DJ Black Widow
DJ Storm

Not oonh, because he has yet to complete his DJ.D., and therefore is not a DJ proper.

Roll Call

(scraped from the LJ Post ( http://convergence.livejournal.com/196315.html#t1161435 ) about roll call, feel free to add yourself into it -Octavian) Going:

  • hellsop: The Geek and I are going
  • ashbet: I'm still planning on it
  • the_siobhan: the_axel and I are driving down. We're also bringing one of my partners who has never been before, so he'll be meeting many of you miscreants for the first time.
  • ladycelest: I'm going! :P
  • carriemonster: Me and Ian are planning on it!
  • doggiesushi: So far, I'm planning on it, lest something huge ruin things.
  • anmorata: Planning on it, since it's within a drivable distance
  • sloot: Yeah, I can't see me not going
  • crossbonesdj: I am! Looking forward to it.

The Official Events

The Unofficial Events

The Photos

Official Program etc archived on User:Siobhan's website.

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