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alt. gothic FAQ v4.0.0.1beta

The first rule of alt.gothic FAQ is "Do Not Question The Version Number" The second rule of alt.gothic FAQ is "No Movie References"


About This FAQ

This FAQ seems incomplete! Is anyone working on updating the FAQ?

kest is.

What about questions that aren't in this FAQ?

  • First - Look in an older FAQ. [link goes here]
  • Second - Search Google Groups
  • Third - Ask.

Can I help write the FAQ?


About Goth

What is Goth?

  • A post-punk movement.
  • An aesthetic
  • A musical genre
  • A fashion style
  • A philosophy
  • 'The whole Goth thing for me is a state of mind. An admittance that you're not the same as the people who work in Barclays Bank and you'll never really subscribe to the idea that you'll do a day job and come home to watch Big Brother.' - Lee Chaos
  • 'To me, at least, the goth isn't a lifestyle, or a wardrobe or even identity. It simply *is*, and there's not a darned thing I can do change it. The only difference between me now and me at age nine is that now I buy my own clothes, so things just happen to end up being bought in black instead of other colors. It just turns out that way.' - Peter H. Coffin
  • "It's a state of mind. And was invented by Lord Byron. On absinthe." - David Gerard
  • I don't care as long as there's a really cute one sitting on my face.

Is X goth?

It might be, but there are enough definitions that you'll be wrong.

A list of things that are GAF

Is emo goth?

  • No. There are some stylistic similarities, but the two are distinct.
  • Emo could be argued as a successor to goth, but history and common sense say otherwise.
What is emo?
  • "Goth minus the fucking"

What kinds of goths are there?

For a fairly small subculture, goth subdivides many ways. Here is an incomplete list:

  • mopeygoth
  • perkygoth
  • cybergoth
  • victorian goth

N.B. This list is intentionally incomplete. Any attempt to definitively list all subdivisions is doomed to failure.

About alt.gothic

What is a net.goth?

net.goth n. One (goth) who, having access to usenet, both posts to alt.gothic and wants to be known as a 'net.goth'.

While today many people would like to spread the term to include all goths that hang out on the internet, the first use of the term with any serious intention was as a means for the denizens of alt.gothic to identify each other IRL, going hand in hand with the first t-shirts, stickers, etc. Amusingly, some amount of consideration was put into whether 'cybergoth' would be a better term - cybergoth now means something completely and entirely different. ("Round here CyberGoth would be mistaken for CyberPunk. CyberPunks are anorak-wearing-startrek-watching-mud-playing-no-lifers. MHO, net.goth would be more 'obscure' (which is good)" - The Grim Reaper, 1993) See above under 'types of goths' for more information about the current usage of 'cybergoth'.

What is alt.gothic?

Alt.gothic is a newsgroup devoted to discussion of various aspects of the so-called ≥gothic≤ subculture and its people. The vast majority of the discussion that goes on isn't "gothic" per se, but deals with death and weirdness--or anything of interest to us. We're a tight-knit group, but newcomers are always welcome as long as they follow a few guidelines as explained in this FAQ.

How do I post to alt.gothic?

Do you bite?

  • Yes, we do bite, and we like it best if you enjoy it

It disrupts the natural order of conversation, and it causes crabs.

Why can't I top-post?


Crabs? That doesn't seem...

Why are people flaming/ignoring me?

They felt like it.

Why are people insulting me for no good reason?

They're not. Someone at some point will have, probably extremely politely, explained to you what you are doing wrong and you didn't listen. Go look for it

Why is Peter H. Coffin being bitchy and petulant towards me?

Because he can. Deal.

Why is Peter Constantine celebrating and encouraging those who break social conventions and objecting to those who proclaim their existence?

'Cos that's what he does. It's a social convention built up over time. Ironic, innit?

Also, although he likes to deny it in public he is part of the 'we' on behalf of whom some claim to be posting. He lurks in e-mail, doncha know *wink*

Do you have any other advice for me then?

Trim your posts. Attribute correctly. Lurk. Introduce yourself at some point, it seems to be popular. Buckle up. Wear nice boots.

How can I identify a net.goth?

You might find them at various net.goth friendly events, such as Convergence, Whitby Gothic Weekend, or Wave Gotik Treffen. They might be wearing a net.goth logo, but then again they might not.

Where can I get a net.goth logo?

There are several different net.goth logos. It seems like currently the best place to download them is from here: These images (should be) public domain but non-subscribers are discouraged from using them.

About ...Other Stuff

How do I know if I have a beautiful heart?

Rub the magic Albatross, of course.

Is it true that ejaculation diminishes one's power?

Tell me about Poppy Z. Brite's nipples...

Could a 20 pound note be inserted into a urethra?

There is evidence to this effect, yes.

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