The dark star of the north, Toronto, hasn't been home to a Convergence since C4 in 1998.

The number 26 in numerology can be broken down as 2 = the number of cooperation, teamwork and emotional introspection. 6 = the number for home, stability and harmony. Together, 26 is a reliable team looking to create a successful event. Diverse and multi-cultural, our fine city is ready to be the host again.

The Plan

We propose to hold Convergence on July 3-5, with an evening of industrial-focused music, and an evening of goth-focused on Friday and Saturday nights. Our Sunday would have midday events, but no evening event to allow for travellers to go home and locals to prepare to go back to work on the Monday. Toronto is home to great museums as well as gorgeous cemeteries for afternoon events, or there are opportunities to explore the city and take things in at your own pace. Americans take note – your dollar will go further here, and there is good shopping and a wide variety of food to be had!

We are looking to keep ticket prices at $40 (Canadian) a day.

The Place

Recommended highlights within Toronto include the unique Bata Shoe Museum, the Necropolis, uber-bohemian neighbourhood Kensington Market, or just grab a bikeshare bicycle to tour through the city.

The People

Your main organizers are Mistress McCutchan and Batty von Bats, who are co-podcasters from Cat vs. Bat and DJs behind the ALTAER collective, a weekly party.

Mistress McCutchan, former editor of Morbid Outlook Magazine, has been DJing and curating events for over 20 years in both the US and Canada. She has produced the upscale Salon Noir parties, which brought Deadfly Ensemble, Jarboe, David J and Sex Gang Children to Toronto. Mistress McCutchan recently DJed the Friday night at C25 in Boston.

Batty von Bats has been DJing and producing events in Canada for well over a decade and has organized shows for Slick Idiot, Encephalon, the Aftermath Festival, as well as tours for Attrition.

Local Bands/Music

Our scene has been fairly healthy and evolving here. Toronto is home to many regular events to attend every week from a variety of DJs. Our local bands include Cockatoo, The Shyness of Strangers, Traitrs, The Birthday Massacre, and Alice Glass.

The Facts

Travelling to Toronto is very easy with both access to Pearson airport and Toronto Island airport on Porter airlines (if you're flying out of NYC, Chicago or Boston). There is the Union-Pearson express which can get you downtown in a swift 25 minutes while the Toronto Island is walkable to downtown!

We're also accessible via Amtrak, Greyhound and Megabus.

Getting around the city is easy via public transit. Car access isn't necessary. There are also bikeshares, and taxis, Uber, and Lyft are readily available.

The drinking age here is 19, and marijuana is 100% legal in our country. Last call is at 2am, and clubs close between 2:30-3am, depending on the venue.