Convergence XXIV


April 27-29, 2018

Dark Greetings, Alt.Gothic. We are pleased to present to you Convergence, Detroit style!

          XXIV Detroit

Convergence is an event where friends, new and old, unite for a weekend of dark music and other goth related activities. We are fully aware that veterans of previous Convergences have come to expect a certain standard in musical entertainment and overall experience. We strive to satisfy and exceed these expectations while adding our own touches in order to create an enjoyable and memorable event for all. This is how we plan to follow through on that.

My fellow darklings of Alt-gothic, we humbly ask your help in righting a great wrong. That wrong being the fact that Detroit, a city with a darker soul than any other in North America, has never hosted Convergence. We stand ready to answer any questions that you may have, and we also ask for your votes in support of our bid to Host Convergence 24 in Detroit. Come to Detroit for a weekend of darkness. There is no reason to go anywhere else. Because…

Hell is empty,

and all the devils are here!!!

~Thank you for your very kind consideration~