As the Convergence tradition reaches its 20th year, what more appropriate venue could be the host than the most powerful city in the hemisphere, and arguably the world… the capital of the United States.

We invite our dark friends to descend upon the capital city, crawl around the monuments and museums, tour places where History happened, maybe even watch Congressional gridlock live and in person on Capitol Hill… then party until late at night with all politics aside!

We are diverging slightly from C* tradition by holding it in the fall. This is to ensure that you have the best experience possible, because in the spring DC is overrun by tourists and in the summer it is sweltering beyond belief.

If selected, it would be the first time DC ever hosts Convergence despite two previous bid attempts in C* history (those would be C1 and C7). Our bid's other most salient feature is the convenient location of the main venue—directly below the hotel, where the goth club night Spellbound has been held weekly since 2007.

The features you have come to expect from Convergence – live music, DJs, fashion show, vendors, panels – will be part of the package, but most importantly, you will have ample time to reconnect with old friends and make new memories together while exploring all the great things that our capital city has to offer.