Ramon Arjona and Shannon Scott bring you:

Convergence 19: Gotendammerung

Twilight Of The Goths

Nor can I tell you further what later did befall,
But that good knights and ladies saw ye mourning all,
And many a noble squire, for friends in death laid low.
Here hath the story ending, that is the Nibelungen woe.
~The Nibelunglied

Being a preliminary accounting of the festivities within The Last Convergence Ever*.

Laminant price: Around 45-50USD

Location: Seattle

Hotel: TBD, but in town

June 21-23 2013

Thursday Night: Early arrival pre-drinking at the Can Can. Absinthe! What's more goth than absinthe?
Friday Night: Drinking & socializing. More absinthe. Music
Saturday Night 5pm: Pike Place Market Ghost Tour
Saturday Night (later): Drinking, fashion show. Venue TBD but likely in Belltown.
Sunday Night: The Alt.Gothic Wake. Music. Dancing. Perhaps a pyre or burial at sea. More drinking.
Monday Morning: Breakfast and departure.

*Unless there's one the following year.